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The Slits

The Return of The Giant Slits

The full 1981 album + a bonus CD that features ALL the archived dub versions and an american radio interview . A “lost”gem, ripe for reappraisal, of this still vastly influential and important group in both musical and sociological terms.

Blast First Petite 2CD

Marble Sheep

Tokyo 1988


Molecular Gastronomy

Henry Flynt & Nova’ Billy

Nova’Billy is another edible audible from Henry Flynt’s dusty lower Manhattan bunker, and it stands as one of the fullest documents of his tenure with a full working rock band to date.

Locust CD

Brand new re-mastered and expanded edition of this long out of print seminal live CD from Japan’s Marble Sheep. This classic Marble Sheep line-up boasts the inclusion of some giants of the Japanese scene. Members of Zeni Geva, Incapacitants and Hijokaidan all grace the CD for this blistering performance.

Dirter Promotions CD

For their fifth album Food are down to the duo of British sax player Iain Ballamy and Norwegian drummer Thomas Strønen. Two excellent players in top form exploring a challenging format.

Rune Grammofon CD

Merzbow/Band Of Pain



Birthdeath Experience


Od Serca Do Duszy

Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation


Ex-PIL guitarist Keith Levene joins Oslo’s NIC crew on this ravishing album of laid-back and funkadelic tunes. Vibrant, intensely textured guitars and keyboards layered over complex rolling rhythms sprinkled with some sweet soul vocals.

Malicious Damage 12” & CD

This beautiful picture disc vinyl LP features a side by each of these artists. Merzbow, well established as THE pioneer of the Japanese noise/avantgarde scene and Band Of Pain, leaders in a slightly darker experimental world, who were once described by Terroriser magazine as being “what Wagner would be doing if he was alive today”!

Dirter Promotions LP Picture Disc

The place it all began: the seminal first album by Whitehouse even to this day is a remarkable piece of work created entirely with tone generators and EDP Wasps, and lyrically full of what would be their uncompromising trademark irony, it would prove instrumental in dragging avantgarde electronic music a long way from its initially limited boundaries.

Very Friendly/Susan Lawly LP

This double CD set catches legendary German experimental rock outfit Faust’s debut concert in Poland, from Krakow’s Loch Ness Club, on the 15th November 2006. Spread over both discs, we are afforded a perfect opportunity to hear a blend of the band’s classic songs and material previewed from their new studio album.

Lumberton 2CD




Carpe Omnium

Sunnyvale Noise SubElement

Box Three, Spool Five

A place where Chicago guitar noise and Berlin techno come together, where Kraftwerk are remixed by Shellac, and where Neu! apply their rhythmic aesthetic to Autechre’s electronic textures.

Field CD

John Callaghan

It Might Never Happen

Weird soul, vaporised r&b and smudged 2step garage, haunted by the ghosts of rave and underscored by geologic rumbles of growling bass.

Hyperdub 2LP & CD

An album that blends together Nine Inch Nails, Neurosis and Clint Mansell and takes you on a dark journey of loss and decay featuring layers of heavy guitars, synths and samples.

Field CD

Former Warp Records artiste releases classic debut album about timewasting, death and nudity.

Uncharted Audio CD

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