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Inside The Wire 286 December 2007

Pram photographed by Ivan Jones

Regulars The Masthead 4 Letters 6 Bitstream 8

Trawling for gossip with The Wire’s news net


Reviews Index 51 Soundcheck 52

Bruno Pronsato 12

How a former rock drummer transformed himself into an idiosyncratic House and Techno producer. By Philip Sherburne

Lionel Marchetti 14 Amir ElSaffar 16

Cross Platform

The Joined-up World of The Wire 10

Plus Trip Or Squeek

Dan Warburton speaks to the French composer whose cinema for the ears has reinvigorated musique concrète

Global Ear 18 Charts 50 Out There 94

The US based Iraqi santoor/trumpeter mixes blues and Arabic music in defiance of the occupation. By Kurt Gottschalk

This month’s selected CDs and vinyl, including Six Organs Of Admittance, Miles Davis’s complete On The Corner sessions, a stash of rare UK jazz rock records and more. Plus specialist columns on avant rock, critical beats, dub, electronica, hiphop, jazz & Improv, modern composition, outer limits, reissues, compilations and unusual formats

Daniel Neilsen finds tango returning to its savage roots in Buenos Aires

The Inner Sleeve 77 Print Run 78

David Ellis 20

Invisible Jukebox

To Rococo Rot’s Stefan Schneider on Durutti Column

Anne Hilde Neset meets the Southern US artist who sends rhythms rippling through ‘drum paintings’ and trash piles

The pick of the month’s festivals, concerts, club spaces, radio and more

Print & Digital Subscriptions 98 The Wire Tapper/ Back Issues 100 Epiphanies 106

The ghosts of Mark Fisher’s youth come back to haunt him in a Rufige Kru 12"

Michael Gira 22 Burial 28

New music books, including a Moondog biography, Joe Carducci on SST, Andy Hamilton on music and aesthetics, and more

The Angel Of Light illuminates the darkest corners of The Wire’s mystery record box. Tested by Mike Barnes

On Screen 80 On Site 81

Negativland and Monitorpop audiovisual magazine on DVD

On the eve of the release of his second album, the dubstep producer grants Mark Fisher a rare face-to-face interview to discuss his sonic mythographies of South London

Gallery and mixed media events, including major sound art exhibitions in Latvia and Belgium

Roxy Music 32 Pram 36

The Primer

On Location 82

Author Michael Bracewell picks up where his Remake/Remodel book leaves off, to re-examine early Roxy Music’s still thrilling crosswirings of pop, art and avant garde methods

Concert and festival reviews, including Today’sArt Festival in The Hague, Interface in Berlin, Glenn Branca in New York, Patti Smith in London and more

Keith Moliné enters the old dark house of the Birmingham sextet to see how their obsessions with late night TV and East European cartoons animate their exotic experimental pop

Harry Partch 40

Brian Marley follows the hobo trails of the 20th century American composer and instrument builder to piece together a users’ guide to his microtonal compositions on CD and DVD

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