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On the Cover Mel Karch’s skill lies in her distinct ability to reframe remnants of 20th century Americana, favouring locations that are modern and pre-digital: swimming pools of modern Los Angeles houses, 1970s motel rooms, rusting steel structures, ramshackle houses with peeling paint, and lonely highways (p.82).

Cover image: © Mel Karch

Photography: Mel Karch. Series: Road Trip. Location: Lake Perris, California: USA. 2007.



Editor’s note

There is always more than one way of doing things. I like this notion, and I find the flexibility comforting. I also like the idea that you’re allowed to change your mind whenever you want. It’s impossible to plan each and every moment, yet essential to have a rough idea. The past few years have captured this sentiment; they have been uncertain and trying, but the most important thing I have taken away from them is a new sense of perspective.

This issue concentrates on identifying new ways of seeing, and challenging the status quo – asking questions and seeking answers. We start with Edgar Martins’ controversial photography exhibition,  This is not A House, which looks at the American housing crisis of 2008, but also questions the relationship between photographer and commissioner. Skyscraper: Art and Architecture Against Gravity opened at MCA Chicago and examines a proliferation of contemporary artworks around the form, technology, myth, message and image of the iconic building structure. It is what it is. Or is it? is on now at CAM Houston, exploring how the readymade has changed over the past 100 years. We also take an in-depth look at the first comprehensive retrospective on Jimmie Durham at M HKA in Antwerp. In images, BOZAR opens the stunning Summer of Photography while Tate Britain looks at how London was represented from 1930-1980 in Another London. Arles is back this year, and we introduce Mel Karch, a rising star in fine art and fashion photography.

In film, we chat with director Matthew Akers about his film The Artist is Present, which focuses on the renowned performance artist Marina Abramović. We also discuss the highly acclaimed film Carancho with producer-actor Martina Gusman. In music, we look at the possibilities of 3D sound and chat with Gabby Young & Other Animals about their second album and having eight people in the line-up. In performance, Coney take immersive theatre to new limits with their show House of Cards. Finally, Polly Morgan discusses her latest show, Endless Plains, which opens this summer in London. Enjoy the issue.

Cherie Federico

Aesthetica 13

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