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Inside The Wire 341 | July 2012

Wire (heavy version) by Ben Weaver

The Wire Tapper 4 Your track-by-track guide to this month’s free CD

The Masthead 6

Letters 8

Bitstream 12 News and more from under the radar

Trip Or Squeek 13 Cartoon strip by Savage Pencil

Bites 14 Maia Urstad’s floating radios; Punk In Africa documentary; Madalyn Merkey’s vocoder visions; SoundFjord’s Sound// Space activity zone; plus Unofficial Channels

Charts 52

Out There 90 Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings

Subscriptions 96

Below The Radar + The Wire Tapper 97 Free downloads and CDs

Reviews Index 53

Soundcheck 54 This month’s selected CDs, vinyl and downloads, including Thomas Köner, Bobby Womack, and Strut’s underground UK House compilation. Plus specialist columns, unusual formats and reissues

The Inner Sleeve 75 Islwyn Watkins on a photograph of Jeff Nuttall

Print Run 76 New music books: a life of Futurist Luigi Russolo, and a history of New York’s late 1970s new wave and Rio de Janeiro’s 1990s carioca scene

On Screen 78 Films & DVDs: Bristol Arnolfini’s film/video exhibition Superpower: Africa In Science Fiction; The Grateful Dead on DVD

On Site 79 Exhibitions, installations, etc: A Survey Is A Process Of Listening in New York; Charlotte Prodger in Glasgow

On Location 80 Festival and concert reviews: Geoff Mullen, Lil B, Planet Mu and Philip Glass in London; Questlove’s Shuffle Culture in New York, :zoviet*france: in Newcastle upon Tyne, and more

Collateral Damage 18 Mixtape giveaways on hiphop blogs allow major labels to cherrypick rap talent, claims Andrew Nosnitsky

Global Ear Istanbul 20 Matthew Collin turns on to Replikas, the Turkish rockers reanimating the spirit of Anadolu psych

Cross Platform Ian Rawes 22 Recording London’s neglected spaces reveals the secret patterns of the city. By Nathan Budzinski

Fushitsusha 24 With a fresh line-up and dynamic new album, Keiji Haino’s group refuse to lie low. By Alan Cummings

Duane Pitre 25 Bill Meyer meets the US mosher-turned-minimalist who’s bringing microtones to the marshes of Louisiana

Invisible Jukebox Reinhold Friedl 26 Zeitkratzer’s extended-technique maestro sticks his head inside The Wire’s mystery record box. Tested by André Vida

Low End Theories 30 The Wire’s 22 page celebration of the booming culture of Bass, from the Big Bang to the Brown Note. Writers pick their world-shaking bottom-end experiences, plus Joe Muggs meditates on bass weight, David Toop channels deep-end mythologies, Will Montgomery detects infrasound pressure, and Dave Tompkins hoovers up Miami Bass

Epiphanies 98 Laetitia Sadier motors through a string of musical revelations, from Blondie and The Sperm Wails to Jorge Ben

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