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The Wire Tapper 29 Your track by track guide to this month’s free CD

01 Memotone “My Stranger” From Hands EP (A Future Without) Since releasing his debut Friend (A Future Without) in 2010, multi-instrumentalist/ producer Memotone has enjoyed success on other labels such as Black Acre and Raised By Records, as well as collaborations with Leafcutter John and Soosh. Memotone’s sound draws from a wide range of sources and instrumentation including field recordings, conversation and textural experiments. The Hands EP acquired its name from Memotone’s hands-on approach to making music: everything you hear is performed by himself alone. It comes with a limited edition T-shirt which he designed himself. He’s currently working on an album for Black Acre due for release later this year.

02Juxtavoices“GuardianWeekend Remix” (excerpt) From Guardian Weekend Remix (Discus) Juxtavoices is a 36 piece New Music and performance poetry anti-choir of trained and untrained voices under the direction of composer Martin Archer and writer Alan Halsey. Guardian Weekend Remix is a longform sound installation of indeterminate length for eight to 12 voice trios, and is based on an image of the same name by artist Michael Szpakowski. This recording is taken from an unreleased 30 minute demo of the work.

03Cédric Stevens “The Siamese Level” (Wire Tapper edit) From The Syncopated Elevators Legacy (Discrepant) Belgian Cédric Stevens began as a DJ and Techno producer in 1993. As Acid Kirk, he produced more than a dozen 12”s and EPs. In 1997 he launched Syncopated Elevators Legacy (SEL), which allowed him to explore a more ambitious sound beyond repetitive beats with homemade modular systems. This solo track is taken from an anthology spanning 1997–2005, which includes previously unreleased material plus remixes from Fennesz, Leyland Kirby, My Cat Is An Alien, Burning Star Core, Sylvain Chauveau and Motion Sickness Of Time Travel.

weirdo hidden-America-as-Philly-slang vibe, while producer and labelmate Botany splices together a beat that’s as indebted to J Dilla as it is to Jandek.

04Heath Common And The Thin Man “A New Bohemian” From Bohemia (Platform 54) Drawn from Manchester’s Platform 54 artist collective, this duo consists of Heath Common, a singer-songwriter living in Scarborough, and The Thin Man, a Sheffield based multi-instrumentalist. Common once played in New York with Robert Lockwood and Johnny Shines – stepson and close friend, respectively, of legendary blues musician Robert Johnson – and was involved with the New York art rock scene in the 1980s and early 90s. A published poet, he maintains links with surviving figures from the Beat movement. The Thin Man has performed and recorded with everyone from Fatboy Slim to Bill Nelson. “A New Bohemian” also features Steve Priest (keyboards) and Ella Byford (percussion, vocals).

05Lushlife“BigSur”FromPlateau Vision (Western Vinyl) Although Lushlife describes himself as a bedroom composer, the MC/producer has been quietly crafting a body of recordings that belie the dimensions of his small South Philadelphia workspace. His latest, Plateau Vision (featuring Heems of Das Racist, Memphis rapper Cities Aviv, ex-Titus Andronicus member Andrew Cedermark, et al), is a contemplative hiphop LP, balancing hazy cassette fragments with big-room hiphop. “Big Sur” finds Lushlife weaving a

06The Fractal Skulls “Good Girl” From Rayleigh Scattering (Subexotic) The Fractal Skulls’ Chris Smith uses the building blocks of analogue-generated loops and minimalist drone to weave subtly evolving patterns of hypnotic sound, producing kosmische music that transcends the sum of its deceptively simple parts. Originally a remix of a track by fellow psych-folk travellers Wildeflower, “Good Girl’ developed a life of its own after being warped through Smith’s individual sonic prism, and is now included on his group’s debut LP, due out in autumn 2012.

07LOUP“OdeTo S” From The Opening (Gaffer) LOUP is a French duo consisting of Clement Edouard on saxophone/machines and Sheik Anorak on drums/electronics. Both musicians are dedicated to exploring variegated sonic fields, striving to generate their own personal music. The duo claim that LOUP could be filed under Sonic Art/Jazz... “if that meant something”, they add. They have just released The Opening on Gaffer and are set to embark on a tour of Europe.

08K-Conjog“Untitled155”FromSetYourSpirit Freak! (Abandon Building) K-Conjog is the one-man plunderphonic band project of Fabrizio Somma, an Italian musician based in Naples. Following his 2009 debut on Snowdonia, Il Nuovo È Al Passo Coi Tempi, his latest album Set Your Spirit Freak! melds piano, strings, bells, voices and nature recordings into walls of churning melody, which ride along to realtime and programmed drum beats. Check out K-Conjog’s recent remix for Origamibiro’s Shakkei, also on Abandon Building.

09Wolfram Wire “Gaze”FromLosts (Drahtwald) Wolfram Wire is a musical departure for voiceover specialist Daniel Werner. Since 2006 he has been involved in collaborations with Broadcast, Roj Stevens (Ghost Box), Cardiff based drum teacher Phil Jenkins and Alisia Casper (Sea Records). His first long player, Strom, combined several tracks recorded for UK internet radio stations. Losts is a collection of scattered, mutilated songs never previously intended for release: Werner calls it “dead-end-street music”.

10Dead Rat Orchestra “The Geshin And The Guga” From Guga Hunters Of Ness (Critical Heights) Dead Rat Orchestra use violins, harmoniums, logs, axes and pigeon flutes; folly snow-boxes, semi-strung guitars, home-wired glitchers and record player clunks; they use organ pipes like hunting horns, which are overblown like great whales. Their latest album was originally the soundtrack to Intrepid Cinema’s acclaimed BBC documentary The Guga Hunters Of Ness, which follows ten men on the Isle of Lewis as they embark on a traditional gannet hunt. The trio of Daniel Merrill, Robin Alderton and Nathaniel Mann have come up with a powerful score, with compositions seeded in hours of study of Hebridean folk song.

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