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features16HowtHeroyals found tHeir smile …and got Britain grinning with them 19 …and How tHe queen can make you Happy Why following the Queen’s example can keep you cheerful 20 capt. & mrs scott of tHe antarctic: tHe last images Remarkable photographs of Scott’s last days with his wife 24 Britain’s dam fine BeaVers Claire Cohen uncovers a heart-warming story of survival 26 tHe lady witH a tiger’s Heart Sarah Chalmers talks to writer Judith Kerr about her own childhood and her escape from Nazi Germany 28 anyone for a downpour? Rachel Johnson meets the chairman whose mission it is to outwit the Rain Gods at Wimbledon 30 my wimBledon diaries A brave Melonie Clarke camps out for Centre Court tickets 32 moVing mountains Fiona Hicks talks to injured rifleman Chris Parkes about his biggest challenge yet – Africa’s highest mountain 38 tHe day i Became an accidental style icon VG Lee discovers she’s actually a vintage aficionado 42 tHe faBric of life Vanessa Arbuthnott’s textiles evoke a country idyll – Hugh St Clair drops into her studio 50 would you want to know your date of deatH? A new test that predicts how long your life is likely to be 65 ‘perHaps tHe lady could inspire a comeBack’ Gary Kemp on Spandau Ballet and the music of the 1980s regulars7tHeladyloVes A selection of our favourite things 9 tHe lady almanac 13 tHe lady guide to modern manners 14 letters, tHe lady & i and cat on matt 35 Her indoors and Horoscopes 40 fasHion: going to tHe cHapel Katy Pearson helps you find the chicest wedding-guest outfit 46 food: my motHer, roast cHicken and me… Classic dishes from Tom Parker Bowles’s new cookbook 48 wines of tHe week By Henry Jeffreys 49 Home Help Hugh St Clair on lighting for patio dining 51 dr james le fanu advises and Sof McVeigh’s home remedy 52 garden plotting with Sarah Langton-Lockton 55 traVel: Exploring Britain’s countryside on foot 56 coco’s corner 58 reViews: Books, radio, film, tV, tHeatre, art and music 77 crossword for solvers 78 Bridge for dealers quick crossword 79 tHe ladygram Your favourite puzzle 80 su doku 82 first impressions q&a: maggie steed special offers 36 sicily; dubrovnik, the dalmation coast and montenegro 37 subscribe to the lady and receive a free six-month membership to the army & navy club 77 canvas casual shoes; lightweight summer duvets 78 Venice: classic and undiscovered classifieds pages 66-75

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Cover stories u Happiness reigns in the royal family. page 16 u Have you got good money manners? page 13 u uk walks that make your heart sing. page 55 u the duchess of cornwall’s roast chicken. page 46 u mrs scott of the antarctic: last pictures with her hero husband. page 20 u wimbledon special: how to conquer centre court pages 28 to 31 u win a dazzling summer dress. page 40