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he centenary thi s year of EMI - which we celebrate in the accompanying supplement - is as much the reaching of a milestone in the record industry's history in general as the noting of the 100th birthday of one particular company. As with evolution itself, go back far enough in the history of any major record company and you invariably end up in the same place. For the tirst decades, the industry was in the wonderful situation of being a ble to record anything and virtually be guaranteed a 'premiere' recording (a situation not unlike the tirst years of LP, or stereo, or CD). In the early years the gramophone companies were the guardians of the great and the celebrated . And it was almost always that way around - the record companies went after the stars (Fred Gaisberg pursued Caruso and Chaliapin and cajoled them into the recording studio). Now, inevitably, the recording can precede the career in the concerthall- a dangerous precedent.

As EM! enters its second century it sails into less and less wellcharted waters. The world in which it grew up is a very different one to that which obtains today. The milestones of the established repertoire are all in place and the need for novelty ever more apparently pressing. The creative climate required to nurture a major company at the end of the twentieth century is a very different one from 100 years ago. It is of course one from which the smaller independents have been drawing their creativity for the past few decades. Often it is their taste and flair that has allowed a younger genera tion of artists to develop to the level where a career on a truly international scale can naturally take over (one thinks of Jean-Yves Thibaudet's tirst discs on Denon or indeed Maxim

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Vengerov 's solo disc from Biddulph) . If the next century sees a further re-detining of the role of the major record compa ny it will initially be a reduction in their output and a simultaneous concentration on what is released. Though it will take some time, I'm sure that the importance of every recording will be enhanced by something approaching 'rarity value'. When Maestro X records a Beethoven or Brahms symphony it will have to be an event and more than ever before, the message of that interpretation will have to be genuinely origin a l. With symphonic recordings costing around £ I 00 ,000 each , it is no longer economic to record , let alone release, a Bruckner symphony unless the expectation and reception of that disc guarantees a healthy recouping of that outlay .

The violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter recently expressed scepticism at the supposed state of the market since her DG recording of the Sibelius Concerto was sailing majestically up the German pop charts. And why not? She clearly has something to say and she has a public who want to hear what she has to say (and she has never been on a TV chat show to promote her discs!) . Luckily for the major companies there a re other artists with comparable drawing power, and if the chemistry is right you certainly can still release a disc of Beethoven symphonies and sell them . I suspect that contrary to popular opinion we will see discs released that the record men of 100 years ago would immediately recognize ~

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Gramophone February 1997 1

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