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features16‘whydoso many women dress like lap dancers?’ Joanna Lumley on clothes, ethics and how to dress 20 saved by a cat called bob How an abandoned moggy came into the life of James Bowen and made a world of difference 24 a life in pictures Viscountess Bridgeman, former girl Friday at The Lady, talks about how she founded her world-famous library 30 ‘i cannot live without her’ Working mother Angela Epstein and her magical au pair 33 help is at hand All you need to know about hiring a nanny or an au pair 36 wall art Hugh St Clair follows the intriguing story of wallpaper 62 all that jazz Kate Dimbleby on her rise to jazz superstardom pets’ special 52 the lady loves pets Gorgeous prezzies for your pet 53 no insurance? you’re barking! What happened when Dominic Prince and his dog took a short holiday in Cornwall 55 should dogs eat chocolate? RSPCA vet David Grant solves your animal dilemmas regulars7theladyloves A selection of our favourite things 9 the lady almanac 13 my battle of hastings and coco’s corner 14 letters, the lady & i and cat on matt 23 the lady guide to modern manners 27 her indoors and horoscopes 34 fashion: escape to the country Be inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge’s rural chic look 39 home help Hugh St Clair answers your interiors queries 40 food: more than just the ‘housewives’ favourite’ James Martin’s delectable menu at his new restaurant 42 wines of the week By Henry Jeffreys 45 antiques letters 46 garden plotting with Sarah Langton-Lockton 49 dr james le fanu advises and Sof McVeigh dispenses 51 travel: Treat yourself to a spa day 56 reviews: books, radio, film, tv, theatre, art and music 77 crossword for solvers 78 bridge for dealers 79 the ladygram Your favourite puzzle 80 quick crossword and su doku 82 first impressions q&a: john suchet special offers 28 subscribe to the lady and receive a free six-month membership to the army & navy club 43 sicily; dalmation coast; undiscovered provence; south africa 77 judi dench 6-dvd box set; daylight table lamp 78 paddington bear; lake orta by rail classifieds pages 64-73

4 May 2010

13 July 2012

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Cover stories u joanna lumley: ‘i’d rather be a dummy…’ page 16 u win a designer tote bag worth £835. page 34 u how to drop those holiday hangers-on. page 23 u help! i’ve bought ruin. page 13 u ‘i can do a pretty good gorilla face’. page 82 u how a stray cat saved my life. page 20 u should dogs eat chocolate? and other pet dilemmas. pages 52, 53 and 55 u our guide to hiring au pairs and nannies. page 33