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Cover: detail from Turf or Stone, Margiad Evans (Library of Wales). Image by Peggy Whistler. By permission of Parthian.


REGULARS See Richard Gwyn and Horatio Clare at Hay




1 8

F I CT I ON Slaughterhouse Field Maria Donovan’s response to Margiad Evans’ TurforStone

5 3

The Elephant’s Wife Roshi Fernando

5 9

Outer Magnolia Angharad Penrhyn Jones


Pulp Kitchen Gee Williams on the Wallander phenomenon

2 8

Trade Winds Euan Thorneycroft’s view from the agent’s desk

9 8

Rich Text Patrick McGuinness on writing his Ceausescu-era campus novel


1 1

FEATURES Maps of the Dead Kirsti Bohata on Tristan Hughes and rural gothic

3 1

Page to Stage, Past to Present Dai George on adapting Gwyn Thomas

4 2

European City Tales Helen Constantine on short fiction for the citybreaker

2 7

POEMS Did Cavemen Build Sandcastles? Emily Hinshelwood

3 9

4 0 4 1

Quaking Aspen, Populus tremuloidus Sugar Maple, Acer saccharum Stakedriver Night Feeding Elyse Fenton

6 5 6 6 6 7

Bob’s Dogs Red Rosette Hannibal Hilary Menos

6 8

Threshold Ruth Bidgood

6 9 7 0

Two Trains If You Smell Gas Judy Brown

7 1


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