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features16BadOldBOys ‘Exiles from the Retirement Home’ The Rolling Stones celebrate their 50th anniversary 18 ‘Billy wilder cOmpared me tO mOnrOe...’ We talk to Lesley-Anne Down about Upstairs, Downstairs, Hollywood and tortoises 22 FrOm a tO B Rookie beekeeper James Dearsley’s call to arms 26 yOga...On the hOOF Katy Pearson climbs into the saddle for some de-stressage 30 still On Fire Ben Cross and Alice Krige on being part of the runaway success film Chariots Of Fire, re-released this month

Olympics special 35 wOmen tO watch The Golden Girls of Team GB 37 take sOme hOrlicks and Bring yOur Own tOwel The heroes of the 1948 Games

42 wash yOur walls with cOlOur Hugh St Clair’s Mediterranean inspirations 62 hOw tO write a Bestseller

Rachel Johnson speaks to literary sensation Louise Fennell regulars7theladylOves A selection of our favourite things 9 the lady almanac 13 my Battle OF hastings and cOcO’s cOrner 14 letters, the lady & i and cat On matt 21 her indOOrs and hOrOscOpes 29 the lady guide tO mOdern manners 40 FashiOn: gOOd FOundatiOns Holly Willoughby on her new fashion collection and the importance of sturdy undies 45 hOme help Hugh St Clair on garden umbrellas 47 dr james le Fanu advises and Sof McVeigh dispenses 48 FOOd: hOw tO Be Full OF Beans Our guide to superfoods 50 wines OF the week By Henry Jeffreys 52 garden plOtting with Sarah Langton-Lockton 55 travel: Full-bodied breaks for wine lovers 56 reviews: BOOks, radiO, Film, tv, theatre, Opera and music 77 crOsswOrd For solvers 78 Bridge For dealers 79 the ladygram Your favourite puzzle 80 quick crOsswOrd and su dOku 82 First impressiOns q&a: duncan gOOdhew special offers 24 subscribe to the lady and receive a Free six-month membership to the army & navy club 51 carcasonne, cathar country, catalonia; the cinque terre, portofino, italian lakes; ancient isle of crete; venice, slovenia, croatia 77 andré rieu dvds; Fabric steamer 78 hansson handbag; provence by train classifieds pages 64-75

4 May 2010

20 July 2012

The Lady

The Lady

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Cover stories u Zara and the golden girls. page 35 u how to write a bestseller. page 62 u ‘horlicks, ciggies and bunking off work’. page 37 u Beekeeping for beginners. page 22 u granddads of rock: the stones at 50. page 16 u 24 foods that will change your life. page 48 u upstairs, downstairs and the day i turned down peter Fonda. page 18 u yoga... on horseback. page 26