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The pre-eminent pick-up arm

Whilst able to explore the best of the present, the Series III precisior:1 pick-up arm anticipates the greater engineering elegance of impending miniature cartridges which may weigh as little as one and a half grammes.

Its unique patented balance system minimises mass and inertia , presenting optimum conditions for even the most delicate transducer.

No other,pick-up arm is as versatile, a reason why.the Series III is already playing its part in the development of tomorrow's cartridges.

Choose it for your listening pleasure today with confidence in the future .


*Another accolade for SME: the Series 1// precision pick-up arm was one of the Design and Engineering Awards at the 1979 U.S Summer Consumer Electronics Show, the only pick-up arm to be acknowledged in this way.

Series I I I precision pick-up arm

The best pick-up arm in the world

Write to Dept 0455, SME Limited, Steyning, Sussex, BN4 3GY, England


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