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Below the photo. of Tawaret on the left is a photo. of an inscription on a column showing the cartouche of Rameses II protected by cobras with the solar disc above their heads. This inscription can be seen on all the columns in the first court of the temple.

All photographs of the inscriptions are by the author. Ayman wishes to thank the SCA for permission to write this article and to take the photographs in the mosque.

Ayman Wahby Taher

At the recent AWT conference in Reading, Dr. Sabri Abd El Aziz, Head of Egyptology in the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, also mentioned the temple and the mosque. He said the temple was one of his favourite places in all Egypt, as it has been a site of continual worship for over two thousand five hundred years. Dr. Sabri explained that he hoped that the reliefs would not be covered in plaster again, but that it was difficult as the mosque was a holy place and still a centre for worship. The columns form part of the walls and some of the rooms in the mosque are small. He said that one possibility was that that they could be protected by wooden screens, so that they could still be seen, but would not be damaged by people passing close by them. The photos. below, taken by Ayman, show the restoration work in progress. I am grateful to Dr. Sabri for the information and for kindly providing some of the photographs of the work being undertaken in the mosque. RP


ANCIENTEGYPTDecember 2007/January 2008

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