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New Memorex High Bias II is coated with micro-fine needle shaped particles.

They're the latest development from Memorex and give the tape its distinctively sharp sound.

They also give us an improved maximum output level and an extremely impressive signal to noise ratio.

Which means, quite simply; that you can record music at higher levels with less distortion and then enjoy quieter solo passages with less audible hiss.

What'smore, our binding process ;;;;:~~~c:; ~~;:;~i; ensures that what you put on the tape stays

The MeIIlOrexTapes mI sharper than ever. A .

) / ' 8/

the tape. Even after a thousand plays.

Nevertheless, a tape is only as good the cassette which contains it. So to oid the possibility of snagging or snay]g, our engineers redesigned the whole chanism.

It's encased in our unique fumble-free rage album and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Literally

Or we'll replace it free of charge. A promise that covers every one of our four amazing new cassettes.

MRXI, High Bias II, Chrome II and Metal Iv. ' (MAGNIFIED 40.000 X)

Is illive, or is il Memarex?



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