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features16Welldone, Britain!… But noW it’s almost over, Will someone please put the kettle on Matt Warren looks back over the summer we’ll never forget 20 ‘Youth isn’t everYthinG’ As Julie Walters continues to wow audiences nationwide, we show how some ladies just get better 24 text Book love: a short storY BY maeve BinchY In fond remembrance of a much-loved Irish novelist 26 Bird of Britain The swan: Malcolm Schuyl’s stunning photographic studies 30 the daY i took on the petunia pinchers… and Won How pensioner Harry settled the turf wars in suburbia 35 meet the picattos Eric casts his artful eye over some feline pawtraiture 36 hoW to run a statelY home The Duchess of Rutland takes the hard graft of managing an historic ducal pile in her stride 53 the ladY loves… Backs Straighten up and stand tall! 55 puttinG Your Back into it… Advice from a top physio 62 Welcome to narnia A brilliant, innovative production of the children’s classic regulars7theladYloves… A selection of our favourite things 9 the ladY almanac 12 her indoors and horoscopes 13 mY Battle of hastinGs and coco’s corner 14 letters and the ladY & i 29 the ladY Guide to modern manners 39 home help Hugh St Clair goes up in the world to experience the heady delights of tree houses 40 fashion: Be a sport Step up to the mark in fine style 42 food: venice… But not as You knoW it Russell Norman shares some of the kitchen secrets of Soho’s celebrated Polpo 44 Wines of the Week Henry Jeffreys on Co-op wines 46 Garden plottinG with Sarah Langton-Lockton 49 travel: Rekindle old interests and encounter new ones on these unusual short breaks 51 dr james le fanu advises and Sof McVeigh dispenses 56 revieWs: Books, radio, film, tv, theatre, art and music 76 puzzles from the past Crosswords from The Lady archive 77 crossWord For solvers 78 BridGe For dealers 79 the ladYGram Your favourite puzzle 80 quick crossWord and su doku 82 first impressions q&a: shirleY conran special offers 22 subscribe to the lady and receive a free pack of exclusive notecards 33 sicily; dubrovnik, the dalmatian coast and montenegro; provence; south africa 77 northern lights; Great British railway journeys dvd set 78 Buckingham palace tour and hotel; tunbridge Wells classifieds paGes 64-73

4 May 2010

10 August 2012

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The Lady




Cover stories u 2012: the summer to remember. page 16 u the ageless julie Walters – simply better than ever. page 20 u farewell to the doughty maeve Binchy: why we will miss her… read her touching short story. page 24 u the case of the disappearing petunias. page 30 u out-of-the-ordinary short breaks to lift your flagging spirits. page 49 u can you crack our vintage puzzles? page 76