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features16COUNTDOWN TO DOWNTON Everybody’s favourite historical saga returns to our screens 20 a fOrCe TO be reCkONeD Carol Vorderman will never let us forget our fighting troops 24 WeDDiNg beLLes Bigger and better? Here comes the bride, Hollywood style 27 WhaT a WhOpper Say hello to Big Bubs – the largest wombat in the world 28 sUN, saND, sea aND pUppeTry Happy birthday to Mr Punch (and let’s not forget poor Judy) 34 WhaT DO yOU DO abOUT LaDy DriVers Living life in the fast lane? Advice from the loophole lawyer 36 LOOkiNg gOOD? iT’s aLL a gaMe Of sMOke aND MirrOrs Caroline Neville on the beauty of lipstick, powder and polish 38 fabULOUs fOLLies The enduring charm of these peculiarly British buildings 62 My Day WiTh The WiCkeD WiTCh Of The WesT Katy Pearson does a star turn with the spellbinders of Wicked regulars7TheLaDyLOVes… A selection of our favourite things 9 The LaDy aLMaNaC 13 My baTTLe Of hasTiNgs aND CaT ON MaTT 14 LeTTers aND The LaDy & i 23 The LaDy gUiDe TO MODerN MaNNers 31 her iNDOOrs aND hOrOsCOpes 41 hOMe heLp Hugh St Clair discovers beautiful console tables 43 Dr jaMes Le faNU advises and Sof McVeigh dispenses 44 fOOD: hOT Dish iN The kiTCheN Lorraine Pascale entertains 46 WiNes Of The Week Henry Jeffreys on wines bought online 48 garDeN pLOTTiNg with Sarah Langton-Lockton 51 TraVeL: Short breaks that will take you back in time 56 reVieWs: bOOks, raDiO, fiLM, TV, TheaTre, arT aND MUsiC 74 pUzzLes frOM The pasT Crosswords from The Lady archive 77 CrOssWOrD For solvers 78 briDge For dealers 79 The LaDygraM Your favourite puzzle 80 sU DOkU and qUiCk CrOssWOrD 82 firsT iMpressiONs q&a: riTa TUshiNghaM

adult learning special 53 faNCy a hObby? You’re never too old for a new interest 55 reLaX aND LearN Have a break and pick up a new skill special offers 33 subscribe to The Lady and receive a free pack of notecards worth £25 47 California and the golden West; europe river cruises; Venice; Lake garda, Venice and Verona 73 by eurostar to paris, bruges or Normandy; Undiscovered provence by air or eurostar 77 barbara Vine DVD set; Northern Lights 78 buckingham palace tour and hotel; Languedoc by train classifieds pages 64-72

4 May 2010

24 August 2012

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Cover stories u This time it’s the 1920s. Downton returns. Through the keyhole with the stars. page 16 u Win a night at the ballet. see box. page 5 u Carol Vorderman. page 20 u how to avoid an awkward ex… page 23 u Mr punch turns 350. page 28 u What a whopper. page 27 u secrets of the beauty industry revealed by the ultimate insider. page 36