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The Gramophone, Fe~ruary, 1931

'~ ':'.' EI:ectric~:';'~



'..Motor for better Music in the Hoane!

No winding

Just switch on!

Why keep on laboriously winding that clockwork gramophone, when, with the aid of the B.T.H. ElectricGramophone:Motor, you can easily convert i t into a first-c~ass electrically operated instrument? EasilY'fitted-by cutting a hole in base-board to template supplied, will operate from your lighting supply, even speed-never runs down, plays 900 records for one unit of electricity.

Costs only £3.,3., 0

from all high-class dealers

The British Thomson-Houston Co. Ltd.



London Office

- Rugby

" Crown House," Aldwych

Works: Rugby, Birmingham, Willesden, Coventry, Chesterfield

CHROMOGRAM "The Stradivarius of Gramophones."

" I WAS AMAZED "-Compton Mackenzie

This month we lIIustrate Model : l : l at 18 ~ulneas, slightly larger and more powerful than Model : l I , which secured the approval of the Expert Committee of . . The Gramophone."

Never before has a gramophone been scientifically designed to reproduce the wonderfully tonal beauty of the new electrically recorded records . The CHROMOGRAM is the very first. The result is astonishing. Hidden qualities in the new records, unknown to 75 per cent. of gramophone listeners, are heard for the first time.

Send for 1931 Technical Brochure and Catalogue of these wonderful instruments.

Smaller Model

: lOa Oak 1:l GUINEAS

Nine Models from 9 to 35 GUINEAS

~ode122 Figured Mahogany 18 G U IN E A S

When desired Deferred Terms can be arranged to suit the convenience of purchasers.

Wherever pos, ible we can submit the CHROMOGRAM on approval before purchase.

The New

Wonder Radio Chromocram is a marvellous instrument

From 35 GUINEAS complete

-Send for Brochure.

CHROM·.O·GRAM "The Stradivarius of Gramophones." MICRQ-PEROPHONE & CHROMOGRAM, LTD.,

76-8, City Road, London, E.C.1.

Malurs of QualiJy c;,,,,,,,oplImus.

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