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MUSIC • • • • all the IMUSIC

• • • and nothing but


Scrat ch, hiss, chatter and all other extraneous and irritating noises off" become a thing of the past when you change to IM Long-Playing Needles. Their soft. caressing touch on your treasured records reproduces nothing but what was originally recorded. and which the artistes intended you should enjoy-to the full, and this perfect reproduction is maintained throughout the life of your records . . . an inordinately long life , too, for

IM's keep new records always new and even take off some of the years of discs prematurely aged by the use of the out-mod'ed steel needle. You, toe, may have ALL the music to-night if you'l.I drop in on any good record shop and ask for IM's to-day .

.\ larch , I ~H l

LONG PLAYING NEEDLES 10 for 2/- (purchase Tax 114)

NO RECORD WEAR PICK-UP CHATTER • NO SURFACE HISS • NO • PERFECT TONE • SUIT AU T 0 G R AMS. 0 N E BOX 0 F 1 0 P lAY S (w ; t h rep 0 ; n t ; n g) 0 V E R 1 000 RE COR DIN G S .

J.. L F RED I MHO F L I M I T E D, 112.116, NEW OXFORD STREET, LONDON. W C.I Telephone : MUSeum 59~~

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