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1M sapphires

1M Sapphire Needles are made in four types, including a miniature and microgroove. Special features incorporated in the design, the extremely fine tolerances worked to in manufacture, and the rigorous micro-inspection at every stage of handling and packing ensure complete safety for your records with fidelity of reproduction. They are available from all good gramophone shops throughout the country. The price of the standard, trailer, and miniature Is 8f7 (tax paid) and the microgroove Is 9/8 (tax paid). It is essential that the correct type for your pickup Is used and your dealer will be pleased to advise you on this. Ask him for a copy of our leaflet • What makes a safe sapphire '.

1M thorns

January, 1953

Evening TV t lelHonstr"tions ?30-9.0 p.lH. every Thursday In response to requests from numerous customers who wish to take advantage of the service we offer for TV sales and maintenance, but who are unable to visit us during the day, we have arranged for our showrooms to be open from 7.30-9.0 p.m. every Thursday evening until further notice. You will be able to see and compare 50 sets of all the leading makes working side by side. Our complete sales staff will be In attendance to give you every assistance in your choice and advise you on technical matters, aerial installations, etc. H.P. Terms are available on all models and of course you have the opportunity to take advantage of our all- in maintenance scheme, which covers all CR tube, valve and component replacements and all labour charges. How about next Thursday 1

personal exportByspecialarrangements with the leading manufacturers we are able to offer a three-day service for export radio sets. These sets, not normally sold in this country, are in special cabinets, tropicalised where necessary, and fitted with special dials and short wave bands to suit individual countries. They are of course tax free to overseas visitors. Stocks are carried of practically every model available. For the convenience of customers we personally undertake customs clearance formalities and packing and deliver either to airport or ship, thus considerably reducing the t ime taken when dealing direct with the manufacturers.

The use of thorn needles is still the only way to eliminate record wear completely. 1M new process thorn needles retain all the original advantages of no record wear and no surface hiss, whilst giving improved frequency ;~sponse and longer life. Each needle will play with repointing up to 100 sides and ten needles in the well known • Top Hat' pack still cost only 2/ 11 (tax paid). For repointing, the 1M Pointmaster costs 9/8 (tax pa id) . The 1M Master set, containing 201M thorn needles, one Pointmaster, replacement rubber tyre and abrasives, costs 13/8 (tax paid), a saving of 2/ 11 and over the cost ofthese articles if bought separately. All . 1M products are available from good gramophone accessory dealers throughout the country.




. conversionLargestocksarecarriedofalltheleading makes of standard 78 r.p.m. and all 33t r.p.m. and 45 r.p.m. long-playing records. Several types of player units for use with your own set are available, both s ingle and three-speed, also three-speed record playeramplifiers. Conversion to your own radiogram may involve modifications to the input circuit and matching to the pickup . heads of the three-speed player. Apart from TV and radio.servicing engineers, Imhof's employ audio engineers fully qualified to undertake this type of work.

• ,\~ II (11 itt IMHOF'S (RETAIL) LTD. 112-116 NEW OXFORD STREET, LONDON, w.e.1

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