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What is the Melody Bar?

It's a self-service record shop below the ground floor at Imhojs,

where you can browse around and help yourself.

Choose a record from the 1,000 of all makes that are displayed on special racks and play it over to yourself, seated comfortably on a stool at one of the 20 ingenious record demonstrators that form the bar. Each demonstrator unit has a small loudspeaker mounted inside a sound-proofed hood.

Inside, reproduction is excellent, yet outside no sound can be heard!

There are no headphones or other gadgets simply switch on and listen. rou really must come along and try it for yourself·

There is no sales talk at the Melody Bar. Call in whenever you like and stay as long as you please. What about arranging to meet )lour friends there tomorrow?

Tlu record shop and audition rooms upstairs carry on as ~~rore .

Artist, prfSent at the opening rif the Metod.,V Bar irulud~d T eddy Johnstone, J ean Campbell, Ron Condu'in and Margery I)ou ·.

MelorJ.y Bar is a reg!s/ercd lrade mark N o. 724976, and the demonstrator unit is couered by Reg. DES. No. 872215 and Patelli .Yo. 3368 1/5 3.

A Ifred 1 m h of Lim i ted, I I 2 - I I 6 Ne w 0 X for d S t r e e t , Lon don, W. C . I . Mus e u m 7 87 8

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