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GRAMOPHONE PUBLICATIONS GRAMOPHONE Founded in 1923 by Sir Compton Mackenzie and Christopher Stone, GRAMOPHONE has the largest circulation of any record and audio magazine in Europe. Published on the f irst of every month.

CASSETTES & CARTRIDGES Now established as Europe's foremost pre-recorded tape magazine, presenting news, reviews, new release lists, speCial features and authoritative audio test reports. Published ' on the .fast Wednesday of every , month. '

CLASSICAL CATALOGUE The only comprehensive catalogue of Its kind, listing LP records, tape cassettes and cartridges generally obtainable In the UK, and giving references to review dates in GRAMOPHONE. Published In March, June, September and December.

POPULAR CATALOGUE A cumulative catalogue listing by artist LP discs, tape cassettes and cartridges of light, popular, dance, folk and jazz music generally available in the UK and released since June 1973. Published in March, June, September and December.

RECOMMENDED RECORDINGS A listing of records which can be safely recommended to form the basis of a good classical library, with additional sections covering l ight orchestral, instrumental and v.ocallnuslc, operetta anil mUSicals, songs and ballads, and brass and military bands. Published half-yearly In the spring and autumn.

SPOKEN WORD CATALOGUE The only catalogue published in the UK l isting spoken word recordings, together with humorous, children's, documentary, sound effects, railway, language course and Instructional records. Widely used In schools, libraries and by edUcational bodies. Published annually In the autumn.

LIVING WITH HI-FI Written by John Borwlck, Audio Editor of GRAMOPHONE, this Is a general guide for the record col/ector and newcomer to hi-fi, dealing comprehensively with the selection, purchase, Instal/ation, appreciation and checking of domestic audio equipment.

QUADRAPHONY NOW Also by John Borwlck, this booklet adllises on all aspects of four-channel quadraphonic 'sound and explains the lIarious systems allallable. A COmprehensille /1st of recordings Is Included. THE GRAMOPHONE JUBILEE BOOK 1923-1973 Published to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of GRAMOPHONE In 1973, the JUBILEE BOOK has a foreword by Sir Arthur Bliss and contains specially commissioned contributions from Sir Adrian Boult, John Culshaw, Alec Robertson and Percy Wilson, with articles spanning the f i rst f i f ty years of GRAMOPHONE Order forms for these publications can be found in the magazine but In case of any difficulty, please write to General Gramophone Publications l imited, 1n-179 Kenton Road, Harrow, Middlesex. HA3 OHA





,762 Index to Reviews . 7ff1 A Quarterly Retrospect by Robert Layt~n .

789 ' Here and There with Alan Blyth, W. A. Chislett, Michael Oliver,

Malcolm Walker and Roger Wiinbush 910 Books Received 934 Book Reviews 798 Correspondence 929 Deletions 934 Editorial Notes 934 Special Offers

801 845 854 869 888 893 910 915 922 930



Contributed by:

Chamber Music

Felix ,Aprahamia n; Denis Arnold; Alan Blyth; John Borwlck;


Choral and Song

Gregorian Chant


W. A. Chlslett; Joan Chlssell; Deryck Cooke; Roger Fiske; Charles

Fox; Derek Grant; Edward Greenfield; Max Harrison; Trevor Harvey;

Nigel Hunter; Andrew Lamb; Robert

Layton; William Mann; Malcolm Macdonald; Jerrold Moore; Alun

Spoken Word

Morgan; Peter Myers; Jeremy Noble; Richard Osborne; Michael

Nights at the Round Table Oliver; Christopher Palmer; Stephen

Plaistow; John Postgate; Brian

Easy Listening


Rust; Stanley Sadie; Lionel Salter; Jeremy Siepmann; John B. Steane;

John Warrack; Stanley Webb

939 939 940 943

944 949 950 957


Commentary by John Borwick Audio News The Berlin Exhibition by John Gilbert , What is Phase Response? by Roger Di'iscoll Equipment reviews:

Denon DP-3500F turntable Videotone Minimax II loudspeaker San sui AU7700 amplifier New Products

NEXT MONTH The Critics' Choice-1975 • Carols for Christmas 1975

Sounds in Retrospect-a panel review John Gilbert reviews theWharfedale Linton 3XP loudspeaker


Sibelius. Colin Dallis and 8oston are the subjects of this 'month's front cover. A review of the two Sibelius Symphonies conducted by Colin Davis appears on p. 833 and an interview with the conductor about Sibelius on p. 789

GRAMOPHONE I . publlohed by Gon.,.1 Gramophono PubllCl/tlon. Ud. 177-119 K.nlon Rood. ="~:'II':.](~!!/°':u'iMcO:;P~!,!~tJk~.~!:re~::a~~~:::}u~$,l'k' :~.!'.·1't~1':\~J:::~'{"f.'riY~'%in~~p'~/~1::;~n·r,,"it.:J~ :":'1:,':~:!If:;h::'=.::;~ to .nsure the accuracy 0( statement& within this matlulne, we annot I~pt responsibility lor I I1Y .rrOf, or om/Mloni, or to' matler'lf/slng ',om clerical 01 prlnte,s' errors, Of an ad~U"r not completing hi. contract. I l ls requuled /hat to the Edlkx r.qulflng • persona' reply thould be occompanltd by. stamped tddr. . .ed en • • I_. Sub&crlber., boIh., home and ,broad, 'f' r~uest«l to advl. . china- of address detAil, to our Subacrlpllon ~partm.nt It INat nv. WHh Pllor to th. chin" becoming .11.ellv•.

Publisher and Managing Editor ANTHONY POllARD Editor MALCOLM WALKER Deputy Editor ROGER HUGHES Audio Editor JOHN BORWICK, BSc AudiO Consultant JOHN GilBERT. C.Eng, FIERE, ATCl, .FBKS, FRTS, FRSA Advertisement Manager BARRY IRVING Assistant Advertisement Manager DERMOT JONES Accounts and Circulation Manager HELEN GRIMES Subscription Manager LILIAN SHERER Editorial, Advertisement, Clrculation,Accountsand Subscription Offices 1n-179 Kenton Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA3 OHA Telephone 01-907 4476 Trade Sales Counter 23-27 Tudor Street, london EC4Y OHR ' © "Gramophone"-1975

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