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Intergrated Loudspeaker Systems designed to sound better

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Tannoy have been making loudspeakers for a very long time. They have, in fact, been making 'very good' loudspeakers for a very long time . While Tannoy is a household word for P.A. systems and professional installations, it is also sy nonymous with quality domestic loudspeakers - as any discerning hi-fi enthusiast will tell you.

Th e Tan noy range of integrate d syste ms with du al concentric loudspeakers mu st be heard to be appreciated. And there is no better place to do this than at Imhof s. Here, with the aid of one of our comparators, you can li sten to them in conjunction with the equip ment of your choice and, having heard them, your choice wi ll be Tannoy - naturally.

obtainable from IMHOF'S ... naturall~ ...

Imhofs 112-116 New Oxford Street London WC1 A 1HJ telephone 01-636 7878

eight floors at ~our serviee

-si* full da~s eaeh wee"



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