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10Every Hidden Color “I” (excerpt) From Luz (Streamline) Federico Durand and Nicholas Szczepanik work together as the duo Every Hidden Color. Durand weaves simple melodies together with field recordings made in the heart of Argentina. He adores books, autumn, John Keats’s poetry, botanical prints and Earl Grey tea. Szczepanik’s audio narratives are influenced by contemporary philosophy and fiction, and address the modern human condition with maximum emotional impact.

13Last Days “If”From Satellite (n5MD) Edinburgh based Graham Richardson has been recording as Last Days for six years. His music explores personal themes of stasis and flux, escape and acceptance. Last Days contrasts the intimacy of field recordings and elementary instruments with digital technology. The resulting mixes are often melancholy, but ultimately hopeful and always tell a story. Satellite, the fourth Last Days album, is close to completion and due for release next year.

11Valgeir Sigurðsson “Big Reveal” From Architecture Of Loss (Bedroom Community) Previously descibed as “a dark and writhing battle between two opposing structures”, “Big Reveal” is a first glimpse into the third album by acclaimed Icelandic composer/producer Valgeir Sigurðsson, which features composer Nico Muhly, violist Nadia Sirota and multi-instrumentalist Shahzad Ismaily. Originally composed for the ballet by Stephen Petronio, Architecture Of Loss shows Sigurðsson working from a broad palette of absences: an album ranging from lyrical, folk-like melodies, spare acoustic sound and dense digital intervention.

14Merzouga“Fragment #2” From Music For Wax-Cylinders (unreleased) Merzouga is a spot in the Sahara where Cologne based computer musician Eva Poepplein and electric bassist Janko Hanushevsky encountered the roaring silence of camel flies and sand trickling down the dunes. Since 2002 they have been performing improvised music and composing for radio, film and theatre. Working with field recordings from their travels is a central aspect of their practice, and their award-winning radio works have been commissioned by German broadcasters. In 2011 their sound composition Mekong Morning Glory was released on Gruenrekorder.

dozens of likeminded musicians, artists and film makers, and have released six albums and numerous EPs.

rhythms, eschewing any semblance of straightforward timekeeping for an abstract counterbalance to the swirl of notes and tones. The result is tightly controlled chaos, a sonic maelstrom where form doesn’t necessarily follow function.

16Lind Bohm “Klang Der Zeit” From The Legend Of Alice & Anna Maria Cloroformo (Avachorda) This work is a series of creations performed live outdoors at places that have a special meaning for Lind Bohm. Inspired by the spectacular view across the Alps and blazing lights before sundown, this track was recorded after a ten-hour climb to the 3000 metre high summit of Mount Hochkoenig in Bavaria.

19Lasse-Marc Riek “sleeping bull” From Helgoland (Gruenrekorder) Lasse-Marc Riek is the co-founder of the German label Gruenrekorder. He uses field recordings, editing, archiving and presenting them in different contexts. Since 1997, he has participated internationally in exhibitions, concerts, lectures and projects, and given performances in galleries, universities, art museums, churches and museums. He has made contributions to public and broadcast media and has won awards, scholarships and artist-inresidence programmes in Europe and Africa.

17Ghikas & Walshe “Al forno yeah” From Good Teeth (Migro) Panos Ghikas and Jennifer Walshe have engaged in unreal-time surround Improv since 2010. Voice, viola, drums and trumpet improvisations are recorded, broken down into gestural material and then projected through the use of software onto an e-drum kit. The meta-instrument incites a different type of physical triggering of sounds from the original bodily gestures that produced them. The resulting performance is the outcome of real-time and non-real-time processes that blur temporal perception and offer a new gestural syntax to both the performer and the audience.

20Bersarin Quartett “Perlen, Honig Oder Untergang” From II (Denovali) Named after the commander of the Soviet tank forces occupying Berlin in 1945, Bersarin Quartett aka Thomas Bücker describes his music as “imaginary fictional film scores”. Bücker has also made club music as Jean-Michel, but here explores his love of emotional cinematic sound. Bersarin Quartett music is produced by him alone, although he uses extra musicians when performing live.

12Rhodri Davies “questions of __________________________ middle distance” From wound response (alt.vinyl) The third solo harp release by improvisor and composer Rhodri Davies – following Trem (2003) and Over Shadows (2007) on the Confront label – is a weighty departure for Davies. wound response is an attempt to work with volume, rhythm, distortion and pitches in an open and fluid way that is open to random occurrence.

15Food Pyramid “Marsh Bar” Wire Tapper exclusive (Moon Glyph) Food Pyramid is the collaborative project of C Hontona, M Weather, J Pfeff and C Farstak. The group began writing, performing and improvising in 2010. They soon discovered unforeseen musical forms and ideas. They have collaborated with

01 Matthewdavid “Make Your Own 2007” Previously unreleased


11 Valgeir Sigursson “Big Reveal” From Architecture Of Loss

(Bedroom Community),

02 Captain Miki “Do Pok” (excerpt) From The Solar Anus (Migro),

12 Rhodri Davies “questions of middle distance”

From wound response (alt.vinyl),

03 After The Rain “Distance III” From The Night Must Fall (ATfield/

Memoirs Of An Aesthete/Bang The Bore),

04 Center of the Universe featuring Easy “Astral

Adjustments” From Astral Harassment (Metronomicon Audio),

05 Andrey Kiritchenko “Fly Above Where Leaves Do Not”

(Wire Tapper edit) From Chrysalis (Nexsound)

06 Wires Under Tension “Landscape Architecture”

From replicant (Western Vinyl),

13 Last Days “If” From Satellite (n5MD),

14 Merzouga “Fragment #2” From Music For Wax-Cylinders


15 Food Pyramid “Marsh Bar” Wire Tapper exclusive (Moon Glyph),

16 Lind Bohm “Klang der Zeit” From The Legend of Alice & Anna

Maria Cloroformo (Avachorda)

17 Ghikas & Walshe “Al forno yeah” From Good Teeth (Migro),,

07 David Coulter & Ralph Carney “Did You?” From Secret

Language (Trestle)

08 Manuella Blackburn “Switched on” From Formes audibles

(empreintes DIGITALes),

09 Tudor Acid “The Sound Of Raindrops” (Wire Tapper edit)

From Wrong Side Of Day – Part 08 (Tudor Beats)

10 Every Hidden Color “I” (excerpt) From Luz (Streamline),

18 jealousy mountain duo “leaf kickers” From jealousy mountain duo no2 (blu noise),

19 Lasse-Marc Riek “sleeping bull” From Helgoland


20 Bersarin Quartett “Perlen, Honig Oder Untergang” From II


The Wire Tapper 30

18 jealousy mountain duo “leaf kickers” From jealousy mountain duo no2 (blu noise) The second self-titled album by Jörg A Schneider (drums) and Jens Berger (guitar) is a portmanteau of jealousy mountain duo’s disparate 60s jazz and noisy, math-rock influences. They take a deconstructivist approach, with guitars looping in conflicting melodies, drums working in and out of

This compilation © 2012 The Wire

Compiled by Andy Tait, Shane Woolman, Katie Gibbons and Daisy Hyde Mastered by Toby Hrycek-Robinson Cover artwork by Robert Beatty The Wire Tapper 30 is given away with The Wire issue 344 October 2012 Not for sale

The Wire Tapper 30 is the latest volume in The Wire’s series of new music compilations (for details of previous volumes, turn to page 113) and is given away with all copies of The Wire 344 (October 2012). If your copy of the CD is missing or damaged, either return the magazine to where you bought it to get a replacement, or contact The Wire: +44 (0)20 7422 5022,

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