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4th Quarter 2012 Issue 22 An IC Publication

Special focus: North African banking Are African exchanges fit for purpose? Islamic banking makes strides in Africa E African banks jump on mobile bandwagon Slap on the wrist for S African banks Nigeria’s bridged banks fall into line

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Eurozone €8.00, UK £5.50, USA $9.95, CFA Zone cfa5.000, Egypt E£40, Ethiopia R100, Gambia da100, Ghana gh¢10.00, Japan ¥1400, Kenya kshs500, Kuwait kd2.500, Mauritius mr300, Morocco dh60, Nigeria N1000, Singapore S$14, South Africa r45.00 (inc tax), other Southern African countries r35 (excl tax), Switzerland sfr15.00, Tanzania tshs10,000, Tunisia td5.000, UAE dh30, Uganda ush15,000, Zambia k30,000

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