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Inside The Wire 345 | November 2012

Peter Brötzmann by Ronald Dick

The Masthead 4

Reviews Index 55

Letters 6

Bitstream 8 News and more from under the radar

Trip Or Squeek 9 Cartoon strip by Savage Pencil

Bites 10 Robin The Fog raises the ghosts of the BBC’s Bush House; Holly Herndon gets intimate with her laptop; Frisk Frugt brings Burkina Faso pop to Copenhagen; and the Schimpfluch circus comes to town

Charts 54

Out There 96 Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings

Subscriptions 104

Below The Radar + The Wire Tapper 105 Free downloads and CDs

Soundcheck 56 This month’s selected vinyl, CDs and downloads, including Raime, Jah Wobble & Keith Levene and a Charles Mingus box set. Plus specialist columns, unusual formats and reissues

The Inner Sleeve 77 Aura Satz on Gjon Mili’s photographs of Carmen Amaya

Print Run 78 New music books: inside Herbie Hancock’s Mwandishi Band; Matt Thorne’s guide to Prince; Julian Cope’s psychedelic bible; and a new primer on Christian Wolff

On Screen 82 Films & DVDs: Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap and In Search Of Blind Joe Death: The Saga Of John Fahey

On Site 83 Exhibitions, installations, etc: Katarzyna Krakowiak in Venice; Ed Atkins in London

On Location 84 Festival and concert reviews: Music Language, San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Jennifer Walshe with Panos Ghikas and Tomomi Adachi, Touch. 30 and more

Global Ear Basque Country 18 New punk and hardcore groups uphold the legacy of the autonomous region’s 1980s Radical Rock movement. By Mark Lore

Cross Platform Beatrice Gibson 20 Julian Cowley hears how Cornelius Cardew’s scores inspire the film maker’s visual compositions

Invisible Jukebox Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille 22 The first couple of avant blues take the test of The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Jason Gross

Niney The Observer 26 Derek Walmsley meets the elusive roots producer and traces his story through the studios and streets of Kingston, Jamaica

Stuart Wynn Jones 32 Advertising man by day, avant garde film maker by night, this radical hobbyist was part of a UK postwar boom in amateur sound and vision experiments. By Ian Helliwell

Peter Brötzmann A two-part special on the visionary improvisor and visual artist who is still shaking the foundations of free music half a century into his career

Interview 38 David Keenan visits Brötzmann at home in Wuppertal, Germany and finds the 71 year old saxophonist’s stance on music, art and politics unsoftened by age

The Primer 46 A user’s guide to Brötzmann’s sprawling catalogue of solo and collaborative recordings. By Daniel Spicer

Epiphanies 106 Jonny Greenwood learns a lesson about sound, space and listening at a Penderecki concert

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