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features16servingvictoria Kate Hubbard’s compelling new book offers an insight into life below stairs in Queen Victoria’s Royal Household 19 c-MinUs For Mr gove… Thomas Blaikie urges Michael Gove not to rethink GCSEs 20 tHe LaDY ULtiMate gUiDe to BaKing Carolyn Hart reviews the best of the season’s baking books 24 going LiKe Hot caKes How Mary Berry is inspiring a whole new generation of bakers to mix, roll, measure and stir… 28 jaMie on Fast ForwarD Tasty meals in under 15 minutes from Jamie Oliver 32 FroM great Dane to eco-poocH Anne Atkins’s hilarious report on turning her dog ‘green’ 36 How tHe HiLLs caMe aLive Melonie Clarke meets two of the ‘children’ from The Sound Of Music who made it the soundtrack for a generation spotlight on cruises 49 HoMe rUns Hassle-free cruises that sail from and return to UK ports 51 a river rUns tHroUgH it The most popular river cruises and sightseeing highlights

62 BriDesHeaD anD Being ‘seDUceD’ BY ava garDner How Anthony Andrews might have been the first blond Bond regulars7tHeLaDYLoves… Support Breast Cancer Awareness 8 Her inDoors anD Horoscopes 9 tHe LaDY aLManac 13 MY BattLe oF Hastings anD LiFe on tHe FarM 14 Letters anD tHe LaDY anD i 27 wines oF tHe weeK Henry Jeffreys on Madeira 35 tHe LaDY gUiDe to MoDern Manners 42 FasHion: it’s sHoe tiMe! 25 pairs of this season’s most fabulous flats, heels or boots 44 garDen pLotting with Sarah Langton-Lockton 46 Dr jaMes Le FanU advises and Sof McVeigh dispenses 56 reviews: BooKs, raDio, FiLM, tv, tHeatre, anD art 77 crossworD For solvers 78 BriDge For dealers 79 tHe LaDYgraM Your favourite puzzle 80 sU DoKU and qUicK crossworD 82 First iMpressions q&a: arLene pHiLLips special offers 12 a bestselling afternoon… The Lady literary lunch 30 a night of shopping heaven with The Lady and peter jones 38 subscribe to The Lady and save up to 49% on the shop price, pLUs receive a Free pack of notecards worth £25 75 apulia, Lecce & vieste: Undiscovered italy; Lake como, st Moritz and the Bernina express; Lake Maggiore, orta and the Matterhorn; tour of the Bay of naples 77 Lumbar support cushion; poldark DvD 78 classic leather handbag with free folding umbrella classifieds pages 64-73

4 May 2010

4 May 2010

12 October 2012

The Lady

The Lady

The Lady



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u Ultimate Baking guide: 10 pages of top chefs and recipes. page 20 u 25 best shoes for winter. page 42 u the women who served queen victoria, plus how to get a job in the royal Household. page 16 u anthony andrews: ‘seduced’ by ava gardner. page 62 u How i made my great Dane an eco-dog. page 32 u The Lady’s guide to cruises. page 49