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C O N T E N T S No. 275 November/December 2012

1 Welcome

Satish Kumar on the economy of Nature


Ignorance and Ineptitude by Tony Juniper 6 BUSINESS

Pricing Nature by Paul Evans 8 SOCIAL JUSTICE

The Great Africa Land Grab by Phil Bloomer, Director of Campaigns and Policy at Oxfam GB 10 AGRIBUSINESS

Food versus Biofuels by Paul Creeney 12 RENEWABLE ENERGY

Waste Not, Want Not by Hylton Murray-Philipson 15 INTERVIEW

My Green Life, with naturalist Chris Packham 16 MARINE CONSERVATION

What Lies Beneath? by Harry Barton 19 LOVE LETTER TO THE EARTH

By activist lawyer Polly Higgins


GRASS ROTS by Lorna Howarth


David Jackman on why we need to create space for ethics in business 26 FOREST SCHOLS

Annie Davy introduces a grassroots education movement 28 FOD SOVEREIGNTY Hannah Parathian and James Thorn meet the Indian permaculture pioneer Narsanna Koppula 30 LIVING LANDSCAPES Stephen Moss on reclaiming the countryside for Nature and people

32 THE PILGRIM’S WAY Adam Weymouth on the new

Mary/Michael Pilgrim’s Way


Peter Abbs introduces the poetry of Pauline Stainer 36 REPAIR, REBUILD, RECONNECT

Peter Cairns on ‘rewilding’ the Ear th through the unique 2020VISION photography project 38 THE GEOGRAPHY OF HOPE Robert Macfarlane explains the psychological value of being in Nature 40 THE GREAT CONVERSATION Peter Reason shares a moment of transcendence aboard his yacht

KEYNOTES 42 BEYOND CAPITALISM Jerry Mander exposes the inherent contradictions of global capitalism in an excerpt from his new book

UNDERCURRENTS 46 A SHARED VISION Rupert Read explains why it’s time to radicalise the green movement 50 THE CINDERELA ECONOMY

Tim Jackson on building a truly sustainable green economy 52 TRUE EDUCATION

Roger Ash Wheeler visits Brockwood Park School 54 WINNING OVER THE PUBLIC Craig Bennett, Director of Policy and

Campaigns at Friends of the Ear th, on campaigning in the 21st centur y 57 SAY IT WITH FLOWERS

A time-lapse love stor y by poet Matt Harvey

2 Resurgence & Ecologist

November/December 2012

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