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THE Publishing 0lJi.ccs : 25, Newman Street,

London, W.l.


Edited by


TELEPHONE : Museum 353.

Vol. 1.

AUGUST, 1923



OUR l i t t le venture has aroused more interest than we were prepared for, and we hardly realised the amount of organisation and correspondence i t would involve. We became convinced of the necessitv of a London Office, and this we have secured. I venture to hope that 25, Newman St;eet, will house us for a long t ime to come. This will be our only address in future, and I trust that we shall be coming out punctually on the first of every month.

I have to thank a great number of kind people for valuable suggestions and good wishes. We shall hope gradually to show our gratitude for the good wishes by adopting the suggestions. We have made an excellent beginning with our circulation; but we want a large and solid body of annual subscribers. I t will be some t ime before we can publish except at a loss, and as I am determined to make candour the feature of this review, we can only accept advertisers 'who have sufficient belief in their own wares not to want false flattery from us.

The bigger our circulation, the greater our power for good in the gramophone world. This is a truism 'of the flattest kind. But I do ask you enthusiasts for good music to h elp us by getting subscribers, because that is the way that you will get the music you want from the recording companies. I t is useless for me to blaze away with blank cartridges. I want the leaden bullets of circulation to make my noise m ean something every month. When you buy a record, tell your agent that you have bought that record because i t was recommended in THE GRAMOPHONE. Make the agents read our review. I t will do them a great deal of good and help both you and me. I cannot afford to spend more than a certain amount on this venture, but I will spend that amount willingly if we can only get a small portion of the music we want. So, please, do your best to get us subscribers, hammer away at the gramophone, music and news agents, and remember our n ew address:


Telephone: Museum 353.

I need scarcely add that we shall always be glad to welcome all enthusiasts who look us up.

By the way, my musical autobiography will have to miss a number, because I am hard at work on a book. I am trying to arrange that the September number shall include an exhaustive, and for my colleagues who make i t , probably an exhausting, examination of all the leading instruments, sound boxes and needles now on the market.

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