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l'he Gmmophone, December, 1925.



(Previous lists, compiled fr'om the votes of r'ea,del's in the July Competition, appearecl in the October and

November numbers,)

46,-001. L.1462. JrIidsummer Night's Dream Overture (Mendelssohn), played by the N,Q,H. Orchestra under Sir Henry Wood (6s, 6d.).

47.-001. L.1007. Le Cygne (Saint-Saens) and Berceuse de Jocelyn (Godard), played by "V. H. Squire (6s. 6d.).

48.-001. 7302. Abide with me (Liddle) and God shall wipe away all tears (Sullivan)" sung by Dame Olara Butt (8s. 6d.).

49.-H.M.V., D.B,264. 10 son Titania (Polonaise) from jJlIignon (Thomas) a,nd N ellct calma from Romeo ot

50, 5l.-H.M.V. , D.683, 684. Bach's Brandenb'ltTg Concerto in G, played by the R.A.R. Orchestra under Eugene Goossens (13s.).

52 . -Parlo. E.10092. Dance Duet and Evening Pra,yer from Hansel ancl Gretel (Humperdinck), sung by Heckmann - Bettendorf and Emma Bassth (4s. 6d.).

53, 54.-Voc. K.05157, 05158. Siegfr'ied Idyll (Wagner), played by the Modern Chamber Orchestra under Stanley Chapple (9s,).

55.-Voc. 1(,05167. The Erl ]{ing and Serenade (Schubert), Sl1Dg by Roy Henderson (4s, 6d.).

56 . -Co1. L.1478. Fingal's Cave OVlYiiure (The

Heb rides) (Mendelssohn), played by the N.Q.H. Orchestra under Sir Henry Wood (6s. 6d,),

57 . -Co1. L,1027. The Ride of the Valkyries and The Song of the Rhine lJIaicIens (Wagner), played by the N.Q.H. Orchestra under Sir Henry \!Vood (6s. 6d,).

58, 59.-H.M,V. 0.844, 854. ]{reutzer Sonata, (Beethoven), played by Marjorie Ha,yward anc} Una Bourne (9s,).

60.-H.M,V"D.B.25 7, Caro Nome from Rigoletto (Verdi) and Ah! fon' elui from La Traviata (Verdi), sung by Galli-Curci (8s. 6d.).

'61, 62.-H.:iYI.V., D.152, 153. A Midsumme?' Night's Dream (Mendels?ohn) and nIen'y Wives oj Windsor Overiure (Nicolai), played by the R.A.H. Orchestra under Sir Landon Ronald (13s.).

63.-H.:iYLV., D.A.458. Ave lYIarict (Mascagni) and. Serenade (Schubert), sung by McCormack, with violin by Kreisler (6s,).

64.-H,M,V., D,B.258, Lo! here the gentle lark (Bishop) and Echo {fong (Bishop), sung by GalliCurci (8s. 6d.).

65, 66, 67, 68.-H.M.V., D.665, 666, 667, 668. Beethoven'S Fifth Symphony in C Minor, Op. 67) , played by the R.A,H. Orchestra under Sir Landon Ronald (26s.).

69,-Parlo. E.10163. Porgi amm' and Dove Sona from Figaro (Moza,rt), sung by Heckmann-Bettendorf (4s. 6d.).

70, - Voc, A.021 5. Der Nussbaum (Schumann~ and Der Erlk6nig (Schubert), sung by Elena, Gerhardt (5s. 6d.).


By GEORGE BLAKE (Acting Editor of John 0' London's Weekly)

AFRIEND of mine lives at No , 60, Frith Street, Soho, . but now I dare not visit him les t the London staff of

THE GRAMOPHONE (inhabiting No, 58) heave a shower of brickbats at my head. For i t appears that the re sults of the compet.ition which arose out of an innocent remark of mine have involved them in an actuarial struggle of un paralleled intricacy,

You will remember how aU this pother bega,n, Mr, Compton Mackenzie instituted a cornpeti.tion with the object of increasing the circubtion of THE GRAMOPI-lONB, and I , greatly daring, haza,rdod tho view that his circulaLion would not ineroase unless the paper paid more attention to the ne ed "' of the beginner in gramophonics, ( !IT ew lVord? J f $0, ,opyr irthl ,) Quick to defend his fledgling, Mr, Mackenzie tore the logic of my lottor to shreds and held me up to the scorn of his faithful reade rs, In the next sentence, however, he climbed down a I'tep 01' two and declared his willingn ess to award the ~um of H) to tha t reader who should send in the best l ist of twuil t yfiv e records answering, roughly, to the description of "tried favourit f.\s ." VVhereuTlon L not to be outdone in comiCS}" offered a rnode,;t two guineas in augmentati on ofthe prize fund .

And so th e competition was set going, De pite the fact that: the" terms of refeTenco, " as the lawyers say, wen ) somewhat vague, more than a hundred readers of TUE Gl{AMOPllONE. l'C,;ponded to th0 invitation to compete.

Now there were two ways of dealing with these entries, j\Ir. Mackenzie, or a committee preSided over by .Mr, Mackenzie, cOlud have considered the papers and decided, on the broad basis of personal taste, that A. '8 paper dcserved the first prize, B,'8 the second. or so on, Tbe alternative was to ::tpply the prineiples of pToportional representation; and this latt er' system . the London Editor-very wisely, as I trunk-duly adopted, Applying to the entries the differential calculu s , the binomiaJ t.heorem, and goodness knows what else, he distilled from the hundred·odr! l ists sent in a dul ,' elected l ist of twenty-five" tried fa.vourites." But his cal~ulations did not end there, Over the papers 11e went a,ga,in, comparing each of them with the elected list. He discovered in th e issuc tha.t eight competitors had each mentioned ten out of the twentyfive records ejected to a place of honour lJy general acclamation. , At this point I was called in, as the villain of the pieco, to make my observations on thel/e eight successful p ::tp ers.

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