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The Granwphone, August, 1925

bias is negligible. However, let m; set uneasy minds at rest on this point. Anyone who wished to vote for a particular machine from partisan motives would presumably not vote for any other machine as being the best in either test. I f we eliminate every eard in which the voter has given first place to one machine in both tests or exclusively in one test we eliminate 63 Orchorsol cards, 49 Dousona calds, and 17 E.M.G. cards, leaving the result Orchorsol 70, Dousona 43, R.M.G. 29, reckoned entirely on cards in which the voter has given preference to different machines in each of the tests.

Surely this proves that the order of the three medal winners is the deliberate judgment of the voters, free from all suspicion of chicanery. The voting cards are at the London office and can be inspected by anyone by arrangement.

The other points of our egregious guest's indictment hardly need comment.

The Competitors

The eleven competitors, in order of price, were as follows: .

1. VOCAROLA, large Sheraton design Ooncert

Model B, 58 guineas. (The Gramophone Exchange, 29-31, New Oxford Street, W.C. 1.) 2. THREE MUSES, " Princess Mary" Model, maho­

gany, 30 guineas. (Repeating Gramophones, Ltd., 102, New Bond Street., W.1.) 3. E.M.G., Model B, mahogany cabinet, £25.

(E. M. Ginn, 267, High Holborn, W.O. 1.) 4. D OPHONE, Empire Model, £24. (TheDuophone

Syndicate, Ltd., 63, Queen Victoria Street, E.0.4.) 5 . .ApOLLO SUPER IV., mahogany cabinet, £20.

(Craies and Stavridi, 4, Bunhill Row, E.O. l . ) G. ORCHORSOL JUNIOR, oak table model, £10.

(Orchorsol Gramophone Co., 149, South Lambeth Road, S.vV. 8.) 7. DOUSONA born machine, o:=tk pedestal, 9 guineas.

(T. Grimes and 00., I.Jtd., 32, Duppas Hill Lane, Oroydon.) 8. .M:EAD, }\{odel 505, l ight oak table model with external horn, 7 guineas. (Mead Oycle 00., Inc., 116, Newgate Street, E.O. 2.) 9. F ITLLOTONE, ~fodel No.2, cabinet grand,

£(j l6s. 6d. (O:=thinet Gramophone Co., 73, Oamden Road, Oamden Town, N.W. 1.) O. PETER PAN DE LUXE, hlaek model, 3 guineas.

(Peter Pan Gramophone Co., Ltd., 64, Frith Stree t , Soho, W. 1.) Il. PIXm GRIPPA PORTABLE, Model A, leatherett,e,

£2 15s. (Perophone Ud., 76-78, Oity Road, E.O.)

The First Test

The order of playing and the records chosen were : l . MEAD: (a) Washington Post March (Col. 1088) ; (b) Floral Dance (Parlo. E.10048). 2. REPEATING GRAi\IOPHONES: (a) Prelude in G minor, Hofmann (Bruns. 50045); (b) Carneval di Venezia, dal Monte (H.M.V. D.B. 821); 3. PETER PAN: (a) ll faTitana, Parlo. Meister Orch. (Parlo. E.I0057); (b) Lend me yO~tr aid, Perry (Parlo. E.10220). 4. VOCAROLA: (a) Quintet E flat Major, Flonzaley (Victor 6463); (b) Handel's Largo, Oaruso (H.lVLV. D.B.133). 5. ORCHORSOL: (a) Handel'sLargo, Marek Weber (Parlo. E.10237); (b) Massenet's Elegie, Oaruso (H.lVLV. D.K.103). 6. DUOPHONE: (a) Pamphrase de Concert, Cort~t (H.M.V. D.B.168); (b) Una voce poco fa, GalliCurCI (H.l\1.V. D.B.261). 7. DOUSONA: (a) Les deux Pigeons, Life Guards (Voc. K.05107); (b) Te q1liero ~leta (H.lVI.V. D.A.445). 8. E.JYI.G.: (a) Rhapsod; tn Blue, Paul Whiteman (H.M.V. · C.l171); (b) Ct'uda Funesta, Benvenuto Franci (001. D.1520). 9. ApoLLo: (a) lJ1iserere from 1l Trovati)1·e Cornet Sgt. Leggett (001. 264); (b) And1·ea Chenier, Duet (Parlo. E.10122). 10. PIXIE GRIPPA: (a) Oberon Overture, Ooldstream Guards (H.M.V. 0.115); (b} Ay, Ay, Ay, Fleta (H.M.V. D.B.525). 11. FULLOTONE: (a) Lynwood lvIat'ch, Black Diamond Band (Zono. 420); (b) The 111ighty Deep, Norman Allin (Col. D1437).

The result of the voting for the first sixplaces in this test was


Of these the Orcholsol was first in 77 cards second in 42 and third in 21 ; the Dousona was b;acketed first with i t in one card and was first in 45 others second in 39, third in 24; the Fullotone was first in 18' second in 26, and third in 23; the Pixie Gripp~ was first in 10, second in 20, and third in 28; the E.M.G. was first in 17, second in 16, and third in 25 ~ the Apollo first in 3, second in 7, and third in 19.

The Interlude

The competing gramophones were then retired to the sides of tho platform and a concert D'rand pianoforte kindly lent by Messrs. Bliithner fo~' the occasion was brought forward. The impromptu concert which followed will long r ~main in the memory of those privileged to be present. Miss Marie Novello began i t by playing Ohopin's Ballade in G minor, with the Toccata by Lechetizskv as an encore. Then Miss Helen Henschel and M~. John Goss sang two dnets, Det' Abschied (Dvorak) and Gondoliera (Henschel), Miss Henschel playino' the . 0 accompamments; after wbich she sang two of her

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