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c o n t e n t s h i st or y 23 Nikolai Tolstoy

Former People: The Last Days of the Russian Aristocracy Douglas Smith 24 C harles Esdaile

The Savage Storm: Britain on the Brink in the Age of Napoleon David Andress 26 P eter Marshall

The Arch-Conjuror of England: John Dee Glyn Parry 27 Rober t Irwin

Europe and the Islamic World: A History John Tolan, Gilles Veinstein & Henry Laurens 28 P aul Bew

Ambiguous Republic: Ireland in the 1970s Diarmaid Ferriter 29 F rancis Pryor

Britain Begins Barry Cunliffe f or e i g n pa rts 31 Steve Tsang

Tombstone: The Untold Story of Mao’s Great Famine Yang Jisheng 32 Car ole Angier

From Germany to Germany: Journal of the Year 1990 Günter Grass • Roads to Berlin Cees Nooteboom 33 Daniel Beer

Edg e of Empires: A History of Georgia Donald Rayfield memoirs 35 Joan Smith

Joseph Anton Salman Rushdie 36 Aidan Har tley

In the House of the Interpreter Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o 37 Mar y Kenny

Country Girl Edna O’Brien the g r e at wen 38 Gillian Tindall

London: A History in Maps Peter Barber 39 Har ry Mount

Greater London: The Story of the Suburbs Nick Barratt • Great Houses of London James Stourton g e n e r a l 41 Alex Goodall

Age of Assassins: A History of Conspiracy & Political Violence, 1865–1981 Michael Newton

42 Heather Br ooke

This Machine Kills Secrets: How WikiLeakers, Hacktivists, and Cypherpunks Aim to Free the World ’s Information Andy Greenberg 43 T om Fort

Stonehenge: Exploring the Greatest Stone Age Mystery Mike Parker Pearson 44 Gil lian Darley

James Wyatt: Architect to George III John Martin Robinson 45 David Gelber

The Secr et Rooms: A True Gothic Mystery Catherine Bailey 47 Esther W oolfson

Otter Country: In Search of the Wild Otter Miriam Darlington • Nightwalk: A Journey to the Heart of Nature Chris Yates 48 Colin McS wiggen

To Forgive Design: Understanding Failure Henry Petroski 49 F rank McLynn

The Big Screen: The Stories of the Movies & What They Did to Us David Thomson f i c t i on 50 Patricia Duncker

Dear Life Alice Munro 51 Jo hn Dugdale

Back to Blood Tom Wolfe 52 S uzi Feay

Carry the One Carol Anshaw 53 Amanda Cr aig

The Small Hours Susie Boyt 54 P aul Bailey

The Testament of Mary Colm Tóibín 54 James P urdon

The Fall of the Stone City Ismail Kadare 55 K ate Saunders

The Casual Vacancy J K Rowling 56 S am Kitchener

Hawthorn & Child Keith Ridgway

60 Jessica Mann Crime 58 L ucy Popescu Silenced Voices 61 Letters 59 Crossword 35 LR Bookshop 62 P oetry Competition n o v e m b e r 2 0 1 2 | Literary Review 3

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