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rospectdecember 2012

This month 8 If I ruled the world edwina currie 10 Recommends 12 Diary 14 Letters

Opinions 16 China’s ambitious new chief jon huntsman

Contents December 2012

Features 28 The best is yet to come

American decline is overstated bill emmott Thank Fox for that How not to campaign peter kellner


Arts & Books 70 The shrinking screen

Last chance saloon for film. stephanie zacharek

17 Hollande’s Brussels problem christine ockrent 18 Wealthy pensioners paul johnson 18 Incompetent Cameron douglas carswell plus stephen collins’s cartoon strip. 19 Aid is a poor answer to poverty ian birrell 20 The UN’s own goal on schools clare lockhart 22 The complacent 1980s BBC

tom carver 23 Universities reborn martin rees

Life 62 In praise of the cliché

Thinking inside the box. hephzibah anderson 64 Watches

Tell more than the time. stephen bayley 66 Whisky

What’s in a name? alice lascelles 68 Investment

Food is bad for you. andy davis

36 Europe’s long shadow

Could the eurozone reject democracy? antony beevor

44 Hanging by a thread

The politically savvy SAS Exclusive pictures james elwes 46 Saving Mrs Smith

The NHS needs competition. philip collins 50 Generation J

Japan’s Parasite Singles. andy davis 54 Let them learn English

India’s language wars hurt the poor. zareer masani 58 Reality is not enough

Google’s goggles. christine rosen



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73 From Plato to the credit crunch

A flawed history of political thought. mark mazower

75 Cultural hallucination

Kate Moss, blank slate. joy lo dico

76 The year in film francine stock 77 The year in books sam leith

Fiction 80 Singing dumb martina devlin Winner of the 2012 VS Pritchett Memorial Prize, supported by Prospect

Endgames 84 The generalist didymus 84 Enigmas & puzzles ian stewart 85 The Prospect List

Our pick of events 88 The way we were

Terrible Christmases. ian irvine


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