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18 Cover Story Brazil and Africa: The Brazilians are coming

Editorial 17 Will the real Obama please stand up? Cover Story Brazil and Africa 20 The Brazilians are coming 21 Brazil throws its hat into African ring 24 Brazil: portrait of the country 26 Diplomatic turning point 28 Cultural and historic ties 29 Direct government involvement 30 Top Brazilian companies in Africa

Hospitality 35 Startling ‘spike’ in new hotels

Topic: Private Security 36 South Africa’s second army 38 Interview: Jenny Reid, South African

Security Association

Special Focus: Water 40 Tide turns in battle for African water 42 Lesotho Highlands second phase begins

Business Technology 44 Creating a smarter Africa 47 The power of collective wisdom

Business School 49 For success, use ‘uncommon sense’

Development Innovation 52 New insurance against extreme droughts takes off

Mining Notebook 54 A tougher year ahead

Environment 58 Battle lines drawn over Lake Turkana

Spotlight: Mauritius 60 Big fish and tiddlers

Aviation 62 China takes to the African skies

Countryfiles 64 South Africa:

Uneasy truce in ‘wine-whisky’ war 66 Kenya: FastJet sends feathers flying 68 Ghana: Staving off marine pollution 70 Zimbabwe: A quagmire of one’s own making? End Notes 72 Thomas Sankara:

a leader before his time?

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