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features17THELADY’SLADIES OF 2012 The women of the year who inspired, entertained and spoke out against injustice 26 TIARA & ALL THE TRIMMINGS Festivities with the Queen are surprisingly normal, says Thomas Blaikie 34 MY LOVE LETTER TO INCA THE DOG How Ben Fogle’s beloved dog played a pivotal role in his life 36 THE PINE TREE A short story by Victoria Hislop 40 THE SECRETS OF MR SELFRIDGE The colourful life of the pioneer nicknamed the Earl of Oxford Street 44 REINDEER? THEY’RE NOT JUST FOR CHRISTMAS There’s more to these magical animals than jingling bells and red noses 46 THE BIRD MEN PoWS How British soldiers overcame fear, hunger and hardship by looking to the sky 54 HAVE A HAPPY NEW BEAR! The factory that makes the most coveted teddy bears in the world 59 ‘I WANT’, DOESN’T GET A cartoon from The Lady archive 60 ‘DEAR SIR, I AM APPALLED…’ How Mary Whitehouse’s Clean Up TV campaign made her a media star overnight 64 THE RECTOR’S DAUGHTER A short story by Basil Bell 70 LOOk OUT SANTA… YOU’VE GOT COMPETITION Katy Pearson finds out what goes on in an Amazon depot 74 FASHION FROM THE LADY ARCHIVE Looks from the 1920s 77 THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT Tune in to Louis Barfe’s radio quiz 79 FIND FENTON! Track down the world’s naughtiest dog 84 LONG LIVE THE kING! 2012 Olympic heroine Mary King talks to Fiona Hicks about her proudest moments 86 HAPPY FEET Outlandish designs for slippers 88 CHRISTMAS AT THE CAT SANCTUARY When VG Lee spent the big day with 100 homeless cats 90 CAN YOU CRACk LEWIS CARROLL’S SYzYGIES? The great author’s devilishly difficult puzzle 92 IN PERFECT ELF Pulling silly faces and packing toys into sacks – it’s all in a day’s work for Santa’s helper 94 THE RUFF GUIDE TO SUPERSTARDOM Uggie, the world’s most famous dog, reveals the secrets of his success 96 SAVE AT LEAST £2,013 IN 2013 Sarah Willingham’s tips 98 THE LADY WALTz A seasonal jingle from The Lady archive 101 HOW THE ROBIN GOT HIS RED BREAST… Fascinating Christmas facts from mince-pie etiquette to mistletoe 104A TOUR THROUGH BRITAIN’S GLORIES We celebrate the treasures that make our island so special





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14 December 2012

The Lady