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Established 1885 • No 63995

features16DON’TPANIC, THEY’RE HERE! Call The Midwife is TV drama at its best – as a new series approaches, Fiona Hicks finds out what makes it so popular 20 ARE THESE THE WORLD’S BRAVEST WOMEN? The lady police recruits in Afghanistan who face one of the most dangerous jobs on Earth 24 THE ROADSHOW TO CHINA Eric Knowles, Antiques Roadshow stalwart, tells Sam Taylor it all started with his passion for a coffee cup 28 BOOMERANG DOG Why finding an abandoned dog changed Louisa Begg’s life 30 GOODBYE COMFORT (AND JOY)… When VG Lee pays a visit to a thin friend, she realises it’s no longer a good thing to look like a Chocolate Orange 34 GASTRIC FANTASTIC Yes, you can think yourself thin, says Paul McKenna 40 MAID FOR SUCCESS As Laura Ashley celebrates its 60th birthday, Katy Pearson discovers why the brand has such longevity 42 RECLAIMED HOUSE How good salvaged materials can yield astonishing results 50 A YEAR IN FLOWERS Shane Connolly, florist to the Royals, on his design philosophy 56 SORRY SEASON A sufferer of SAD talks about her experience of the condition 59 THE LADY LOVES… Vitamins 66 BESTSELLING BEHAVIOUR If you’ve an idea for a book, why not have a go at selfpublishing – you may have a hit on your hands regulars7THELADYLOVES… A selection of our favourite things 9 THE LADY ALMANAC 13 MY BATTLE OF HASTINGS AND BEDFORD THE CAT 14 LETTERS, THE LADY AND I 19 HER INDOORS AND HOROSCOPES 33 THE LADY GUIDE TO MODERN MANNERS 45 HOME HELP Hugh St Clair answers your interiors queries 46 FOOD: RAW DEAL Delicious dishes to cleanse your system 48 WINES OF THE WEEK Henry Jeffreys on why wines taste of certain things 55 TRAVEL Wendy Gomersall on the best walking holidays 57 DR JAMES LE FANU advises and Sof McVeigh dispenses 60 REVIEWS: BOOKS, RADIO, FILM, TV, THEATRE AND DANCE 76 THE LADYGRAM Your favourite puzzle 77 CROSSWORD For solvers 78 THE LADY LADYGRAM 79 BRIDGE For dealers 80 SU DOKU and QUICK CROSSWORD 82 FIRST IMPRESSIONS Q&A: VIRGINIA IRONSIDE

special offers 32 The Lady invites you to an afternoon with Barbara Taylor Bradford 37 The beauty of pearls 38 Subscribe to The Lady and receive a FREE pair of freshwater pearl earrings worth £29.99 58 Apulia, Lecce, Vieste; Lake Maggiore, Orta and the Matterhorn; Lake Como, St Moritz and the Bernina Express; Pompeii, Capri and the Bay of Naples 77 Europe’s finest river cruises; Lake Orta by rail classifieds PAGES 68-75

11 January 2013

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Cover stories ◆ Call The Midwife: Love, laughter, Miranda Hart, and seamed tights. Page 16 ◆ Double Ladygram. Pages 76 and 78 ◆ A year in flowers. Page 50 ◆ Eric Knowles: Secrets of the antiques hunter. Page 24 ◆ Boomer the dog changed my life. Page 28 ◆ Publish your own book. Page 66 ◆ Afghan dispatch: Meet some of the world’s bravest women. Page 20