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Inside The Wire 348 | February 2013

Oneohtrix Point Never by Chris Buck

The Masthead 4

Reviews Index 44

Letters 6

Bitstream 8 News and more from under the radar

Trip Or Squeek 9 Cartoon strip by Savage Pencil

Bites 10 Jessica Kenney’s meditational music; Patrick Farmer rewrites the book on field recording; walking in Black Sabbath’s footsteps; plus Unofficial Channels

Subscribers’ Releases of the Year 2012 42 Wire readers choose their favourite music of the past 12 months

Charts 43

Out There 83 Festivals, concerts, gigs and club listings

Subscribe 89

Soundcheck 45 This month’s selected vinyl, CDs and downloads, including Atoms For Peace and a Conny Plank anthology, plus specialist columns, reissues and unusual formats

The Inner Sleeve 65 David Markey on ZZ Top’s Tres Hombres

Print Run 66 New music books: Little Annie’s autobiography; writings on New Zealand experimental music; Soul Jazz’s portfolios of reggae artwork and more

On Screen 70 Films & DVDs: the end of LCD Soundsystem, plus new Touch soundtracks for Pathé colour stencil films

On Site 71 Exhibitions, installations, etc: Emptyset in London, plus Not For Human Consumption online

On Location 72 Festival and concert reviews: Extreme Rituals in Bristol; John Cage’s Song Books in London; Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival and more

Global Ear Tbilisi 16 Matthew Collin detects the first cracklings of a postSoviet Georgian electronica scene

Collateral Damage 18 Mark Fell argues that the limits of technological systems do not frustrate creativity

Cross Platform Cara Tolmie 20 The Glaswegian artist explains her unsettling, tumultuous public actions. By Louise Gray

Invisible Jukebox Ricardo Villalobos 22 Berlin’s Minimal Techno master endures a marathon set from The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Alexander Samuels

Joshua Abrams 26 The former bassist in Town And Country and The Roots is discovering the hypnotic gimbri tones and Gnawa rhythms of North Africa. By Bill Meyer

STEIM 28 Will Montgomery meets the wired alumni of Amsterdam’s STudio for Electro-Instrumental Music, currently in its fifth decade of sonic innovation

Oneohtrix Point Never 36 Brooklyn synth explorer Daniel Lopatin talks technological illusions, video game theory and cinema for the ear with Derek Walmsley

Epiphanies 90 John Dack celebrates the theories and practice of Karlheinz Stockhausen and Pierre Schaeffer

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