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Tom Ve r l a i n e p h o t o g r a p h e d b y Dan i ë l l e Va n A r k

Regulars The Masthead 4 Letters 6 Bitstream 8 Trawling for gossip with The Wire’s news net

Global Ear 16 Tim Hodgkinson explores the bustling musical culture of Kyzyl, capital of Tuva

Charts 48 Out There 100 The pick of the month’s festivals, concerts, club spaces, radio and more; plus Trip Or Squeek

Subscribe 104 Back Issues 106 Epiphanies 114 Genesis Breyer P-Orridge revisits Hapshash And The Coloured Coat’s colourful psychedelia

Reviews Index 49 Soundcheck 50 This month’s selected records reviewed

Print Run 78 New music books digested

Cross Platform 80 Music and New Media, including Antipodean composer, artist and film maker Len Lye; plus reviews and Jarboe and Cedric VictorDeSouza’s Inner Sleeve

On Location 84 Live reviews including Kill Your Timid Notion in Dundee, The Books and Clogs in London, MIA in Japan and an Improv fest in Seattle

Mouthus 10 The elusive and prolific Brooklyn noise-rock duo pinned down by Marc Masters

The Knife 12 Louise Gray looks behind the many masks of the Swedish electro-prankster siblings

Ned Sublette 14 The writer and musician talks up his Cuban music book and his work with artist Lawrence Weiner. By Julian Cowley

Invisible Jukebox 18 Burnt Friedman The Nonplace producer deciphers secret rhythms by Sugar Minott, Pyrolator and more. Tested by Mike Barnes

Linder 22 Brian Dillon unpicks the secret history of a transgressive visual artist and musician, from punk to present

Spring Heel Jack 26 Keith Moliné charts the progress of John Coxon and Ashley Wales from 90s drum ’n’ bass to noughties free Improv

Tom Verlaine 32 On the eve of his first new albums in 13 years, the reclusive Television guitarist allows Alan Licht a rare audience

Primer: The Fall 40 A user’s guide to the Mancunian iconoclasts’ intimidatingly vast discography. By Stewart Lee

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