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Regulars The Masthead 4 Letters 6 Bitstream 8 Trawling for gossip with The Wire news net

Global Ear 18 Rahma Khazam maps the new sound art networks spreading across Paris

Charts 50 Out There 94 The pick of the month 's festivals, concerts, club spaces, radio and more; plus Trip Or Squeek

Subscribe 98 Back Issues 100 Epiphanies 106 The Dead C 's Bruce Russell on New Zealand electroacoustics pioneer Douglas Lilburn

Reviews Index 51 Soundcheck 52 Th is month's records reviewed

Print Run 78 New music books digested

Cross Platform 80 Music and New Media, includ ing Peter Rehberg's Inner Sleeve

On Location 84 Live reviews including the Avanto festival in Finland , the LMC's Guitar Solo festival , plus Sam Rivers, Cecil Taylor and Anthony Braxton in London, and more

Afrirampo 10 Osaka's breakaway thrash duo spearhead Japan 's latest playpen punknoise rampage. By David Keenan

My Cat Is An Alien 12 Turin 's Opalio brothers plot a quixotic course through three millennia of cosm ic music. By Tony Herrington

Nils0kland 14 The Norwegian Hardanger fiddle virtuoso restrings Scandinavia's lost improvisin g traditions. By Clive Bell

Dtilek 16 Urban malaise is the ever potent fuel that fires the angry HipHop of Will Brooks's New Jersey crew. By Mosi Reeves

Invisible Jukebox 20 Glenn Jones The Cui De Sac guitarist tries to identify tracks by Fahey, Partch, The Stooges and more. Tested by David Keenan

Joanna Newsom 24 With her harp and waiflike voice, San Francisco's songstress is beguiling the free folk movement. By Marc Masters

Zeitkratzer 26 Taking in Xenakis and Lou Reed, Reinhold Friedl 's Berlin ensemble patrols New Music's extremes. By Jul ian Cowley

LCDSoundsystem 32 LCD frontman and DFA eo-producer James Murphy brings meta┬Ědisco back to NYC. By Peter Shapiro

2004 Rewind 38 Th e Wire's writing team look back at the year in music; plus selected arti sts ' reflections on the past 12 months

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