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Ghost’s Masaki Batoh photographed in Tokyo by Jun Takagi

Regulars The Masthead 4 Letters 6 Bitstream 10 Top tittle tattle from The Wire news ticker

Global Ear 18 In Phnom Penh, David Crosbie witnesses Cambodian artists rediscovering their roots

Charts 52 Out There 100 The pick of the month’s festivals, concerts, club spaces and more. Plus Savage Pencil

Subscribe 106 Back Issues 108 Epiphanies 114 Samantha Brown learns how not to lie from an Elizabeth Cotten song

Reviews Index 53 Soundcheck 54 This month’s record reviews

Print Run 80 New music books digested

Cross Platform 82 Sound sculptor Bill Fontana; plus multimedia reviews and Kim Gordon’s Inner Sleeve

On Location 88 Live reviews including Brian Wilson’s SMiLE; Glasgow Subcurrent; the Philadelphia return of bassist Henry Grimes; Nobukazu Takemura in London

Jack Rose 26 Drone group Pelt’s self-styled Dr Ragtime revitalises US free folk with his kaleidoscopic picking. By David Keenan

Rammellzee 30 The artist, rapper, graf Writer and Gothic Futurist warrior talks up his war of words. By Greg Tate

Ghost 38 The Tokyo psychedelic speedfreak scene’s most otherworldly group tell Edwin Pouncey spooky stories

Invisible Jukebox 20 Luc Ferrari The electronics pioneer gets cut-up over tracks by Gastr Del Sol, Kagel, Ashley and more. Tested by Dan Warburton

The Primer 46 Cecil Taylor Brian Morton celebrates the free jazz pianist’s 75th birthday with a guide through his tumultuous back catalogue

Bites CocoRosie 12 Dean Roberts 14 Pelican 16

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