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Ear cleaners by Non-Format

Regulars Editor’s Idea 4 Letters 6 Bitstream 8 Top tittle tattle from The Wire news ticker

Global Ear 14 Biba Kopf finds Akio Suzuki’s space in the sun in Tango before wintering in Sapporo, Japan

Charts 50 Out There 92 The pick of the month’s festivals, concerts, club spaces and more

Directory 96 Plus Label Lore and Savage Pencil

Subscribe 98 Back Issues 100 Epiphanies 106 An Industrial culture hand-me-down Martin Denny LP turns Ken Hollings onto exotica

Reviews Index 51 Soundcheck 52 This month’s record reviews

Print Run 76 New music books digested

Cross Platform 78 Edwin Pouncey enters the Spook House with film maker Cameron Jamie; plus multimedia reviews and Terre Thaemlitz’s Inner Sleeve

On Location 82 Live reviews including The Stooges at ATP, Marke B in Berlin, Sounding Beijing, New Music in Huddersfield and more

Paal Nilssen-Love 20 Norway’s finest utility drummer is at home with Scorch Trio’s Improv and The Thing’s garage rock. By Mike Barnes

Jerome Noetinger 22 Metamkine and Quintet Avant’s noise agitator tells Dan Warburton about his desire to keep musique concrète alive

Basil Kirchin 26 Alan Licht talks to the neglected composer of Dr Phibes scores about his pioneering eco-Ambient free jazz work

Arthur Russell 30 David Toop unravels the enigma of the NYC Buddhist cellist who created the 80s’ most seductive dance tracks

2003 Rewind 38 The Wire’s crack writing squad select the year’s best records; plus critics’, singers’ and players’ pros and cons

Invisible Jukebox 16 Damon & Naomi The US acid folk duo try to identify music by Yoko Ono, Robert Wyatt, Dredd Foole and more. Tested by Alan Licht

Bites Matthew Bourne 10 Matt Rogalsky 12

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