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Yo La Tengo photographed in New York by Chris Buck

Regulars Editor’s Idea 4 Letters 6 Bitstream/ Death Row 10 Notes from the underground/ Holger Czukay’s last requests

Global Ear 18 In Jerusalem, Eran Sachs observes Israel’s avant music community struggling for identity

Charts 56 Out There 98 Event listings: what’s happening in the world

Directory 104 Plus Label Lore and Savage Pencil

Subscribe 106 Back Issues 108 Epiphanies 114 Brian Morton finds solace in the music of Tim and Jeff Buckley

Reviews Index 57 Soundcheck 58 This month’s record reviews

Print Run 82 New music books digested

The Inner Sleeve 85 Album art selected by Kim Hiorthøy

Cross Platform 86 Semiconductor’s digital dystopias, plus multimedia reviews

On Location 98 Live reviews including All Tomorrow’s Parties and Freedom Of The City

Nina Simone 26 The late singer led a tragic life, always searching for the key to freedoms she was constantly denied. By Ian Penman

The Ex 30 In Amsterdam, Dan Warburton squats in the fishtank with the veteran anarcho-punk agitators

Yo La Tengo 36 In New York, David Keenan sups with the 20 year old avant rock trio who got hip to free jazz

Mauricio Kagel 42 The deconstructed works of this Argentinian composer prefigured postmodernism by some decades. By Philip Clark

Invisible Jukebox 20 David Sylvian The sonic alchemist and enlightened crooner takes this month’s blindfold test. By Christoph Cox

Bites Sightings 12 Cliff Martinez 14 Asmus Tietchens 16

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