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Regulars Bitstream/ Death Row 8 Notes from the underground/ Beans’s last requests

Global Ear 14 On a trip to St Petersburg, Jon Tye discovers a raft of Russian unorthodox sounds

Epiphanies 106 Rob Young goes nuts over a dadaistic John Cage recital

Editor’s Idea 4 Letters 6 Charts 52 Out There 91 Directory 96 Plus Label Lore and Savage Pencil

Back Issues 98 Subscribe 100

Reviews Index 53 Soundcheck 54 Avant Rock 70 Critical Beats 71 Dub 72 Electronica 73 Global 74 HipHop 75 Jazz & Improv 76 Outer Limits 77 Print Run 78 Cross Platform 80 On Location 84

Supersilent 20 Since 1997 the Oslo quartet’s intuitive improvisations, by turns fearsomely torrential and icily tranquil, have spearheaded Norway’s new music assault. Julian Cowley meets their audio virus Helge Sten (aka Deathprod)

Helmut Lachenmann 24 Ever since his early associations with Luigi Nono and a Baader-Meinhof member, this German composer has remained one of contemporary classical music’s most uncompromising outsiders. By Philip Clark

Lou Reed 28 The great naysayer has just delivered his most sprawling work since Metal Machine Music: a sonic drama based on the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. In New York, he reflects on a lifetime of imbalance. By Alan Licht

Alan Silva 36 The Paris based improvising bassist, artist and pedagogue has spent 40 years dispensing solar energy along with Sun Ra, Archie Shepp, Frank Wright and his own massive Celestrial Communication Orchestra. By Dan Warburton

Invisible Jukebox 16 Spring Heel Jack London breakbeat duo turned experimental big bandleaders Ashley Wales and John Coxon try to identify tracks by Matthew Shipp, György Ligeti, Lemon Kittens, Harrison Birtwistle, Jimi Tenor and more. Tested by Mike Barnes

The Primer 44 Mutant Disco A user’s guide to the early 80s avant hustles of New York’s Walter Gibbons, Arthur Russell, James White and

August Darnell, plus Eurodisco mutations from Hi-Tension and PiL to Pigbag and The Rapture. By Peter Shapiro

Bites Out Hud 10 Charalambides 12

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