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Le T~greIn New York photographed by Jake Walters

Regulars Bitstream/ Death Row 12 Notes from the undergroundl John Cale's last requests

Global Ear 20 Akiko Hada chills out to sonic eruptions in Reykjavik

Epiphanies 106 Jim Haynes ascends Coil's anal staircase

Editor's Idea 6 Letters 8 Charts 50 Out There 91 Label Directory 96 Back Issues 98 Subscribe 100 Reviews Index 51 Soundcheck 52 Avant Rock 69 Critical Beats 70 Dub 71 Electronics 72 Global 73 HipHop 74 Jazz & lmprov 75 Modern Composition 76

Print Run 78 Ether Talk 82 On Location 84

TheWireTapper 8 4 Your track by track guide to this month's FREE 17 track:^

Badawi 22 Deploying desert musics, Middle Eastern trance, dub and turntablism, Raz Mesinai's Badawi project shadows the violent forces that have shaped global history. By Marcus Boon

Cabaret Voltaire 28 In the wake of their pioneering Industrial cut-ups of the late 70s, Sheffield's post-punk outfit slimmed to a duo, signed to Virgin and tuned into the vibrations emanating from Chicago and Detroit. By Ken Hollings

LeTigre 34 W~ t hroots in Riot Grrrl but advancing into electropunk, IDM and interventionist art, Kathleen Hanna, Johanna Fateman and JD Sampson's trio are agitating at ground zero of a female music explosion. By Joy Press

The Wire's survey of the past 12 months in music and beyond: charting the best releases of 2001 in all genres; plus musicians and writers deliver their verdicts on a turbulent year

InvisibleJukebox 22 Don Letts Everyone's favourite West London punk rude boy, video artist and DJ tries to identify tracks by Big Youth, Angelic Upstarts, Bad Brains, Vivien Goldman, Rhythm & Sound, DJ Scud and more. Tested by Ben Watson

Bites No-NeckBluesBand 14 Sand 16

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