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L ,,,,,'your monthly exploration of new music

10 Bites

W 0 6 Glitch glyphs JackieO Plotheducker Oedipal wreckers Kim Cascone Electric chamber music

16 Gunter Muller

Using DIY prosthesis,the Swiss based percussionist and For 4 Ears label boss has extended the reach of his inclusive lmprov on a mountainousscale. By Julian Cowley

20 Morton Subotnick

With Silver Apples Of The Moon, Subotnick pioneered touch-sensitive electronica. Now the old ringmaster of New York's Electric Clrcus is headteacher of the electronic romper room. By Richard Henderson

26 Coil

They make music to play In the dark but, since living by the sea, they're beginning to see the light As their Time Machines prepare to play live, John Balanceexplalns why Coil are a very English affair. By lan Penman

34 Invisible Jukebox:Sussan Deyhirn

The Iranian singer tries to identify tracks by Phllip Glass, Grateful Dead, Wayne Shorter, Loop Guru, Yma Sumac, Jah Wobble and more. Tested by Louise Gray

38 The Primer: Einstiirzende Neubauten

The Berlln underground's most destructive characters are st~llcheerful after 20 years of hammering at the barrlers between noise and muslc. Blba Kopf sorts the essential releases from two decades of rubble reviews

46 Soundcheck Apr~l'sselected albums and slngles, lncludlng new releases from Anti-Pop Consort~um, Arovane, Steve Beresford, Boredoms, Anthony Braxton, John Cage, Chlcks On Speed, Chrls Cutler & Fred Frlth, Vladlslav Delay, Depth Charge, Dirty Three, Dave Douglas, Elnstiirzende Neubauten, DJ Food, Ice Cube, Octagon Man, ParkerlGuylLytton & Crlspell, Martln Rev, Dean Roberts, Matthew Shlpp, Pattl Smlth, Speedy J, Stockhausen, Cecll Taylor, Ultra-red, Jah Wobble and more 16 Print Run New rnuslc books A biog of Lester Bangs, Ornette Coleman's harmolodlcs unravelled; John Zorn's Arcana demystlfled, plus an aquatic look at nolse and sound art; Lee Perry d~scography;Hanns Elsler'swrltlngs 14 Multimedia KnltMed~athrows jazz around the world 82 On Location Golng Ine:Wlre l~ghtup London's South Bank, three orchestras grapple w~thStockhausen's Gnlppen;Tlm Berne's Big Satan; Australians ask What Is MUSIC?,A new phase of post-music In Tokyo

4 Editor's Idea 6 Letters 14 Bitstream News from music's outer limits 18 Global Ear Chllllng out wlth Biosphere In T r oms~11 Charts 12 Label Directory 88 Out There April's selected festivals, happenings, llve events, clubs and radio 96 Back Issues 91 Subscribe and get FREE CDs and FREE magazlnesl 98 Epiphanies How dlscoverlng Swell Maps directed The Pastels' Stephen I McRobble away from the Neds

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