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your monthly exploration of new music

14 Bites

Acid Mothers Temple All-night trippers Phi1 Durrant London chamber music Basement Jaxx DJs below the stairs Richard Pinhas Sharinga plateau with Deleuze

22 Peter Thomas

The soundtracks of the 60s GermanTV series Space Patrol and Jerw Cotton are astonishing a new generation of musicianly lounge lizards, among them Pulp. Ken Hollings meets their creator

Invisible Jukebox: Alec Empire The doyen of digital hardcore tries to identify tracks by Underground Resistance, Caetano Veloso, Merzbow, Slayer, Sleazy D, Dead Kennedys, Stockhausen and more. Tested by Peter Shapiro

32 Mark E Smith

One year ago i t looked like curtains for Britain's longest running undergroundgroup. But the Post-Nearly Man has pulled The Fall back from the brink with a new album. By Tony Herrington

40 A Certain Frank

Emergingfrom the ranks of Germany's wittiest ur-electronics trio Der Plan, the duo of Frank Fenstermacher and Pyrolator now create computer fusions of House, Techno and exotica. By Biba Kopf

42 Undercurrents #5: Music of Chance

In our series tracking the hidden wiring of 20th century music, Andy Hamilton rolls the dice with the chance operators who've disrupted traditional musical hierarchies, among them, Cage, Cardew, Zorn and Eno


48 Soundcheck May's selected albums and 12"s, including new releases from Atari Teenage Riot, Captain Beefheart, Chicago Underground Trio, Simon Fisher Turner, Peter Hammill, Jonathan Harvey, Ryoji Ikeda, Kreidler, Labradford, Gyorgy Ligeti, Purple Trap, Steve Reich, Sam Rivers & Alex Von Schlippenbach, Paul Schutze, Shakti, Matthew Shipp, Damo Suzuki, Swans, To Rococo Rot, Tortoise &The Ex and more 12 Print Run New music books: David Toop's Exotica; Serge Gainsbourg's flatulence; Alan Vega's art; Penny Rimbaud's life; Chicano rock's history I6 Multimedia Akira Rabelais's software solutions 38 On Location Going live: The members of Can go solo in Cologne; Daniel Miller's Mini-Meltdown; Nick Cave's baleful balladry; Badjazz north of the border

5 Editor's Idea 6 Letters 10 SoundingsThe pick of the month's festivals and special events 12 Bitstream News from music's outer limits 20 Global Ear Stuart Dempster drones on in British

Columbia 46 Charts 10 Label Directory 84 Out There May's selected l~veshows, club spaces and radlo 88 Back Issues 89 Subscribe and get a FREE CD or FREE magaz~nesl 90 The 1999 Wire T-shirt It's here1 Buy now whlle stocks last

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