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12 Bites

Sachiko M Samplingsilence Rabih Abou-Khalil Far oud fusion Paul PanhuysenWired for sound Kirlian Wild style sleaze

20 The Wire Tapper 3

Your track-by-track gu~deto this month'sfree cover mount CD

24 Captain Beefheart

Wlth the help of former Mag~cBand members, John Fahey's Revenant label IS about to release a treasure trove of Beefheart rarltles Mlke Barnes has the full story

26 LucFerrari

From Schaeffer to Stockhausen,this French electroacoustic~anhas bedded down with most major figures of the post-war avant garde, but has emerged with his sense of humour intact. By Dan Warburton

30 Genesis P-Orridge

After a lengthy hiatus, the exiled leader of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV finally returns to the UK wlth a new group. Don Watson meets one of,the most notorious and reviled figures in modern music

36 Invisible Jukebox: Natacha Atlas

The outernatlonalWorld diva attempts to ident~fytracks by Sheila Chandra, Fairuz, Muslimgauze, Public Image Limited, Er~kB & Rakim, Alice Coltrane and more

40 Arto Lindsay

Working alongside the great Brazilian slnger Vinicius Cantuaria, the former No Wave guitar hero is reinventing bossa nova as a lhfestyle soundtrack for rootless cosmopolitans everywhere. By DavidToop

46 Undercurrents #4: Listening Aids

A series of articles uncoveringthe hidden wiring of 20th century music. This month, lan Penman reveals how the microphone made phantom presencesof volces as far flung as Billie Holiday and Diamanda Galas

50 Rhys Chatham

Once upon a time, this New York composer was writing symphonies for orchestras of 1 0 0 guitars; now living in Paris, he has reappearedat the hard edge of breakbeat-driven electricjazz. By Rob Young

54 Adult Hardcore

Two-step Garage is lover's rock for the rave generation, a coked-up, hypersexual fusion of New York R&B and London Jungle. S~monReynolds dissects the UK's latest breakbeat mutation

60 Soundcheck April's selected albums and 12'3, including new releases from Add N To (X), Can, Faust, Fred Frith, Hashisheen, William Hooker, Jeep Beat Collective, Merzbow & Genesis P-Orridge, Sainkho Namchylak, Jim O'Rourke, OSMutantes, Evan Parker, Rob Swift, David Thomas, Trans Am, Cristian Vogel, Tom Waits, Z'ev and more 84 Multimedia The MP3 revolution 86 On Location Going live: Coldcut and Masonna, David SWare and Roscoe Mitchell all descend on London; the Input and Roulette organisationstake over New York 90 Print Run New music books:John Zorn and Charlie Parker go under the critic's scalpel

4 Editor's Idea 6 Letters 10 Soundings The pick of the month's festivals and special events 16 Bitstream News from music's outer limits 18 Global Ear The state of noise in America's Midwest 59 Charts 82 Label Directory 92 Out There April's selected live shows, club spaces and radio ,

96 Back Issues 91 Subscribe and get FREE Sub Rosa CDs or FREE magazines! 98 Epiphanies Glenn Branca blows Robin Rimbaud's mind

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