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-2,,--- your monthly exploration of new music

12 Bites

Shiv Kumar S h a m Santoor guide Fennesz Proxy guitar~stDorgon C-melody mythmaker


18 Undercurrents #3: Music of the Spheres

A series uncoveringthe hidden wiring of contemporary music. Rob Young reports on the 20th century war on Pythagoreantuning, as started by Schoenberg and continued by Xenakis, Harry Partch and Tony Conrad

22 Pansonic 1 The Finnish duo's take on Techno has become more abstract since they relocated to Barcelona. But Will

Montgomery discovers surprising affinities between their muslc and the Catalan city's streets

28 Invisible Jukebox:Kevin Shields

Surfacing for the f~rsttime in eight years, My Bloody Valentne's last surviving member listens to tracks by Musica Transonic, Blind Willie Johnson, Derek Balley, The Dead C and more.Tested by David Keenan

32 NickCave in a rare, revealing interview, Old Nick takes David Keenan down the path that leads from the break up of The Birthday Party to the pitchblack murder ballads of The Bad Seeds and beyond l 40 JoeMorris

Jazz is the teacher and the preacher for the Boston guitarist whose l ~ f eIn music began at a school fot troubled teenagers. Today, his abrasive pluckingstill pours scorn on the academy. By Jon C Morgan

42 Maryanne Amacher

The best kept secret In Amer~canNew Mustc a a sound artlst whose city-to-city lnstallatlons have tested extremes of volume and duratm, wh~letralning l~stenershow to grow a thlrd ear Apprec~atronby Alan L~cht

46 The Primer: Ornette Colernan

The Wre gulde to the muslc of the man who boldly announced The Shape GfJazz To Come, and then fltted tt to ha vlslon of harmolod~cfreedom By Barry Wltherden l ll

~ 1

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1 54 SoundcheckMarch's selected albums and 12"s, tncludlng new releasesfrom Natacha Atlas, Tlm Berne, Boredoms, Vlnlclus Cantuarla, Dlvlne Styler, FM Einhelt, Hanns Ealer, The Fall, Funk1Porcln~,La1 Neu?, Monolake, 1 Thurston Moore & Evan Parker, Musllmgauze, Pan Sonic, Van Dyke Parks, PIL, PitaNa~n~oICharlemagnePalestine, l I Spectrum & Sllver Apples, DJ Spooky, Dav~dSylvlan, Robert Wyatt, Otorno Yosh~h~deand more 24 Print Run I New muslc books The story of Throbbing Gristle, new views of Can, John Barry and Jan Garbarek, Paullne 1 Ol~veros'sph~losophy28 Multimedia Hywel D a v ~ d svlrtual forest walk 80 Qn Location Gang llve

Cecll Taylor & Max Roach's London soundclash, John Cale's new chamber muslc, DJ Spooky gets deep In Pans, Phtll Ntblock and frlends celebrate 30 years of Exper~mentallnterrned~a

5 Editor's Idea 8 Letters 10 Soundings The plck of the month's festtvals and spec~alevents 12 Global Ear A vlnyl addtct feeds the need In Halght Ashbury 52 Charts 12 Label Directory 84 Out There March's selected tlve shows, club spaces and rad~o88 Back Issues 89 Subscribe 1)1 ' and get a FREE Mllle Plateaux tnple CD or FREE magaztnesl 90 Epiphanies The blues according to Skip James

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