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' 11/fJ. fBSfUe your m onthly exploration of new music

12 Bites

Green Velvet Greening Techno Martin TtHreault Avant tumtablism Eliane Radigue Analogue eleg1st Volcano The Bear East Midlands upris1ng Supersilent No1sy Norsemen

18 Terre Thaemlitz

When the self-descnbed Trans(gendered) Am(encan) femme mach1ne says ' Let's get phys1cal', he means crossWJring Electronica with body politics to create new queer zones and tones. By Rob Young

24 Global Ear: Buenos Aires

Riley Re1nhold hears how the Argentine capital's youthful Electromca scene m1ght never have happened If rt wasn't for the Falklands War ban on British mUSic

26 Michael Finnissy

Unp1ck1ng the compliCated myths of the New Complexity With one of England's most Important composers, who makes h1s advances through tradJtJonaiJnstruments, not the latest hardware. By Ben Watson

30 Undercurrents #2

A series of articles uncovering the hidden v~ri ng of contemporary muSic. This month, Mark Sinker Sifts the rubble of history to assess the impact of the Futurists' Art of Noises on the shape of mus1c to come

34 David S Ware

On aJOurney mto the heart and soul of post- Coltrane ecstatiC Jazz, Dav1d Keenan d1scovers that New Jersey's QUICksilver saxophone messenger dnves as fast as h1s quartet plays

38 Invisible Jukebox: Autechre

The Sheffield Electronica duo apply their warped intelligence to selectiOns by Just Ice, Bemard Parmegian1, Coil, Un1que 3, David Tudor, D1ck Raal]makers, Cluster and LFO

42 Will Oldhain

Chang1ng his alias ~th every release, the former Palace brother now trades as Bonn1e 'Prince' Billy. But his Appalachian influenced lo-li spirituals still haunt new Americana By Louise Gray

• re111ews

46 Soundcheck February's selected albums and 12's. 1nclud1ng new releases from Juan Atk1ns, The Creatures,John Duncan, Ph11ip Jeck. Kronos Quartet, Bill Laswell's Sacred System, Alan Ucht & Loren MazzaCane Connors, John McEnure, Arne Nordheim, Greg Osby, William Parker, Pole, Pnnce Paul, Red Crayola, Steven Sevenn, Jack Smrth, This Heat, Yahowha and more 66 Print Run John Cale's autob,ography, a history of the recording industry, an underground arts JOUrnal, DJ Culture diagnosed, a DaVId Sylvian b10g. two gu1des to Jazz on record, p1ctunng performance art 70 Multilnedia Sleaze by deSign w1th Vienna 's Abuse lndustnes 72 On Location Cypress H1ll, Pere Ubu and more at Transmus1cales, Thurston Moore's nOiSy New York New Year. Evan Parker, Jon Rose and m10re at Steim's Touch festival

4 Editorial 6 Letters 10 Soundings Th1s mooth's feswals and speoal events 45 Charts 64 Label Directory 76 Out There February's selected live shows, club spaces and radiO 80 Back Issues 81 Subscribe and get EXCLUSIVE Pan Some and Masonna COs- FREE' 82 Epiphanies Todd Rundgren reveals the true meaning of soul to Edwin Pouncey

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