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inside YOU ,on,, exploration of new music

12 Bites

Anthony Rother Afro-German Electrician JustinBennett Sonic architect Evil Dick Computerised snotshots Two Dollar Guitar Trans American Express

16 JohnCale

When he came to wrlte ha autob~ography,the Welsh dog of war had to return to the source of his traumas to resolve lifelong conflicts, among them Lou Reed and LaMonte Young. By Biba Kopf

18 Undercurrents#l

A series of articles uncovering the hldden wiring of 20th century music. Th~smonth, Erik Davis heralds the dawn of the electrificationof sound

22 Invisible Jukebox:Jim0'Rourke

Avant rock's favourite Chicago bear gives his verdict on tracks by Robbie Basho, Luc Ferrari, Fennesz, Kontakta, Ray Russell, Slint, John Zorn and more. Tested by Rob Young

26 98Rewind

The results are in for the world's most Wired end of year charts: here is where you will find all of 98's most desirable discs, listed. Plus: writers and musicians reflect on the last 1 2 monthsof underground muslc activity

34 David Sylvian

For his latest journey into the interior of the soul, the former Most Beautiful Man in Pop has taken the long way round,via the Orient and the Pacific Coast Highway. By Rob Young

40 The Primer: Turntablism

Peter Shapiro backspinsthrough a history of the turntable as instrument, from Grandmaster Flash to lnvisibl Skratch Piklz, Christian Marclay to Otomo Yoshihide and beyond reviews

(I¶SoundcheckJanuary's selected albums and 12"s, including new releases from Art Ensemble Of Chicago, Boxhead Ensemble, Gavin Bryars, Don Caballero, Chicago UndergroundDuo, John Coltrane, Loren MazzaCane Connors, Alvin Curran, Cypress Hill, The Ex, John Fahey, Frederic Galliano, Herbie Hancock, Joe Harriott, Tetsu Inoue, Bob Marley, Harry Partch, Praxis, Psychic TV, RZA, David Shea, Two Lone Swordsmen, Tom Ze and more 66 Print Run An index of banned music; Varese and Xenakis at the 1 9 5 8 Brussels World Fair; Black Metal exorcised; John Barry idolised; Roxy Music critiqued PO Multimedia Digital dealings at the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival X2 On Location Harry Partch in Huddersfield; Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Plastikman, Pole and LaMonte Young in London; No Neck Blues Band in New York; Pierre Henry in Paris

4 Editorial 6 Letters 8 Soundings This month's festivals and special events 10 Fast Tracks Red Crayola Bart Hopkin 46 Charts 64 Label Directory 16 Out There January's selected live shows, club spaces and radio 80 Back Issues 81 Subscribe and get a FREE Return Of The DJCD 8e Epiphanies Einstiirrende Neubautenbring the house down

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