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Orion Fiction HB August £14.99 384pp 978 1 4091 2436 8 ebook: £7.99 978 1 4091 2438 2

CHARLIE HUSTON Skinner A high-concept spy thriller that pushes the genre into the 21st century. Growing up, Skinner wasn’t like other boys. He seemed to be powered by reason alone, a robot that could be programmed to do whatever its master wanted. No surprise that as an adult he didn’t seem to fit. Until he came to the attention of the CIA, and they realised they had stumbled across the perfect assassin. But now Skinner has been tasked with a new mission that will place him at the heart of a deadly conspiracy. The signs are that it is a suicide mission, even for an operative with his off-the-chart skillset, making Skinner wonder if he has become too good at his job, and if his employers are the only ones who would like to see him terminated. For the first time, Skinner has to decide whose side he’s really on. And if the price of his own survival is worth paying. Charlie Huston is the author of the bestsellers The Shotgun Rule, The Mystic Arts of Erasing all Signs of Death and Sleepless.

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Location: Los Angeles, USA Available for Interview @CharlieHuston

Orion Fiction • August 2013

Orion Fiction HB August £12.99 400pp 978 1 4091 4241 6 ebook: £6.99 978 1 4091 4243 0

CHRISTIAN CAMERON The Ill-Made Knight An action-packed tale of chivalry and betrayal set during the Hundred Years War. As a boy William Gold dreams of chivalry, but when he is branded a thief, his chances of becoming a knight are dashed. Taken on as a squire by his newly-knighted friend Sir Robert, he travels to France with the Black Prince and shows he has the makings of a man-at-arms at the Battle of Poitiers. But while many other squires are knighted by a grateful prince, the tainted William is not. His only course is to become a mercenary, and he ends up joining the White Company of the infamous Sir John Hawkwood, the most feared mercenary of the age, as he schemes and slaughters his way through southern France and Italy. And yet it is as a mercenary that William finally learns the code of chivalry, and how to be a true knight. Christian Cameron is a writer and military historian. He is a veteran of the United States Navy, where he served as both an aviator and an intelligence officer.

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Location: USA Available for Interview @Phokion1