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Orion Fiction MMP Original September £7.99 320pp 978 1 4091 4747 3 ebook: £7.99 978 1 4091 4746 6

VINA JACKSON Mistress of Night and Dawn Passionate, romantic and bewitching, the brand new novel from Sunday Times Top 10 bestseller Vina Jackson is a love story like no other. Growing up, Aurelia was haunted by the death of her parents and she has always longed to know the truth about her past. At eighteen, she meets a man who will change her life for ever, but he disappears before she can learn his name. Aurelia travels to America where she comes across the existence of a mysterious and exclusive annual ball. As Aurelia’s involvement with the decadent festivities increases, she gradually begins to uncover the truth about her own history and the identity of the only man she has ever truly loved. Vina Jackson is the pseudonym for two established writers; one a successful author, the other a city professional working in the Square Mile.

Orion Fiction ebook September £6.99 978 1 4091 1617 2

KENNETH CAMERON The Past Master A must for fans of BBC One’s Ripper Street. Denton and Henry James, though they had met on a number of occasions on the London literary scene, would seem to have little in common as men or writers. But when a Florentine box is stolen from Henry James, he calls on Denton to retrieve it – perhaps relying on the fact that, unlike the police, Denton combines the ability to unravel difficult puzzles with the sensitivity of a fellow artist. The box contains letters whose publication James fears will ruin his reputation. As Denton tries to discover the mystery of the box’s contents and who might have stolen them, the trail leads him to Paris, Italy and back to London. But it is within the confines of the literary world that the final clues to a crime of truly Jamesian subtlety are found. Kenneth Cameron is a former US Navy Intelligence Officer and the author of Winter at Death’s Hotel as well as five previous novels in the Denton series.

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Orion Fiction • September 2013

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